Name Description Size
buffer-util.js Merges an array of buffers into a new buffer. @param {Buffer[]} list The array of buffers to concat @param {Number} totalLength The total length of buffers in the list @return {Buffer} The resulting buffer @public 2971
constants.js 360
event-target.js Class representing an event. 6590
extension.js Adds an offer to the map of extension offers or a parameter to the map of parameters. @param {Object} dest The map of extension offers or parameters @param {String} name The extension or parameter name @param {(Object|Boolean|String)} elem The extension parameters or the parameter value @private 6183
limiter.js A very simple job queue with adjustable concurrency. Adapted from 1034
permessage-deflate.js permessage-deflate implementation. 14018
receiver.js HyBi Receiver implementation. @extends Writable 14511
sender.js eslint no-unused-vars: ["error", { "varsIgnorePattern": "^net|tls$" }] 12668
stream.js Emits the `'close'` event on a stream. @param {Duplex} stream The stream. @private 4083
subprotocol.js Parses the `Sec-WebSocket-Protocol` header into a set of subprotocol names. @param {String} header The field value of the header @return {Set} The subprotocol names @public 1498
validation.js Checks if a status code is allowed in a close frame. @param {Number} code The status code @return {Boolean} `true` if the status code is valid, else `false` @public 3192
websocket-server.js eslint no-unused-vars: ["error", { "varsIgnorePattern": "^net|tls|https$" }] 15828
websocket.js eslint no-unused-vars: ["error", { "varsIgnorePattern": "^Readable$" }] 33914