Name Description Size
Channel_postMessage_Blob.htm postMessage() with a Blob 1311
Channel_postMessage_DataCloneErr.htm postMessage() with a host object raises DataCloneError 640
Channel_postMessage_clone_port.htm postMessage(): clone a port 1306
Channel_postMessage_clone_port_error.htm postMessage() DataCloneError: cloning source port 660
Channel_postMessage_event_properties.htm postMessage(): MessageEvent properties 1047
Channel_postMessage_ports_readonly_array.htm postMessage(): read-only ports array 1068
Channel_postMessage_target_source.htm postMessage(): target port and source port 906
Channel_postMessage_transfer_xsite_incoming_messages.window.js 1174
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_entangled.any.js 1233
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_incoming_messages.any.js 1195
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_outgoing_messages.any.js 1112
META.yml 135
MessageEvent-trusted-worker.js 98
MessageEvent-trusted.html MessagePort message events are trusted 1247
MessageEvent.html MessageEvent 796
MessageEvent_onmessage_postMessage_infinite_loop.html MessageEvent: onmessage infinite loop 1003
MessageEvent_properties.htm MessageEvent interface and properties 946
MessagePort_initial_disabled.htm MessageChannel: port message queue is initially disabled 446
MessagePort_onmessage_start.htm MessageChannel: port.onmessage enables message queue 419 These are the cross-document messaging (`postMessage()`) tests for the 193
Transferred_objects_unusable.sub.htm Transferred objects are no longer usable on the sending side 1679
broadcastchannel 7 returns the data of the message 1752
event.origin.sub.htm event.origin returns the origin of the message 2164
event.ports.sub.htm event.ports returns the MessagePort array sent with the message 1550
event.source.htm Same-origin: event.source returns the WindowProxy of the source window 1375
event.source.xorigin.sub.htm Corss-origin: event.source returns the WindowProxy of the source window 1512
message-channels 11
messageerror.html onmessageerror content attribute 1556
multi-globals 5
postMessage_ArrayBuffer.sub.htm postMessage with ArrayBuffer object 1125
postMessage_Date.sub.htm postMessage with Date object 1043
postMessage_Document.htm postMessage with Document object 921
postMessage_Function.htm postMessage with Function object 927
postMessage_MessagePorts_sorigin.htm postMessage to same-origin iframe with MessagePort array [100 ports] 1981
postMessage_MessagePorts_xorigin.sub.htm postMessage to cross-origin iframe with MessagePort array [100 ports] 2054
postMessage_MessagePorts_xsite.sub.window.js 2198
postMessage_arrays.sub.htm postMessage with arrays 965
postMessage_asterisk_xorigin.sub.htm Cross-origin postMessage with targetOrigin == "*" 2167
postMessage_dup_transfer_objects.htm postMessage with duplicate transfer objects raises DataCloneError exception 1108
postMessage_invalid_targetOrigin.htm postMessage with invalid targetOrigin raises SyntaxError exception 1148
postMessage_objects.sub.htm postMessage with nested objects 1033
postMessage_origin_mismatch.sub.htm Same-origin: Origin of the target window doesn't match the given origin 1585
postMessage_origin_mismatch_xorigin.sub.htm Cross-origin: Origin of the target window doesn't match the given origin 1658
postMessage_solidus_sorigin.htm Same-origin postMessage with targetOrigin == "/" 1177
postMessage_solidus_xorigin.sub.htm Cross-origin postMessage with targetOrigin == "/" 1403
support 2
with-options 9
with-ports 24
without-ports 31
worker_postMessage_user_activation.js 72
worker_postMessage_user_activation.tentative.html postMessage with user activtion to a worker 695