Name Description Size
accept-header.https.tentative.html Accept: request header in webbundle requests 747
coep.https.tentative.html COEP for WebBundle subresource loading 3292
coep.https.tentative.html.headers 86
corp.https.tentative.html CORP for WebBundle subresource loading 2228
credentials.https.tentative.sub.html Credentials in WebBundle subresource loading 5834
csp-allowed.https.tentative.html CSP for subresource WebBundle (allowed cases) 2113
csp-blocked.https.tentative.html CSP for subresource WebBundle (blocked cases) 4363
csp-blocked.https.tentative.html.sub.headers 420
csp-blockes-bundle.https.tentative.html CSP blocks WebBundle 2359
element-removal.https.tentative.html On-going subresource loading should fail immediately when the web bundle element is removed 1024
invalid-json.https.tentative.html WebBundle subresource loading with script API and invalid JSON 1714
nested-bundle.https.tentative.html A nested bundle is not supported 1177
network-error.https.tentative.sub.html Web Bundle fetching failed due to a network error 1185
not-found.https.tentative.html Web Bundle fetching failed due to not found error 1229
path-restriction.https.tentative.html Path restriction on subresource loading with WebBundles 1737
relative-url-in-web-bundle-cors.https.tentative.sub.html Relative Url in cross origin web bundle 2732
relative-url-in-web-bundle.https.tentative.html Relative Url in web bundle 1982
relative-url-resources.https.tentative.html Subresource loading using relative URLs in the 'resources' 2490
relative-url-scopes.https.tentative.html Subresource loading using relative URLs in the 'scopes' 2624
relative-url-static-element.https.tentative.html WebBundle subresource loading with relative URLs for static elements 1235
relative-url-with-base.https.tentative.html Subresource loading using relative URLs in the 'resources' attribute with a base element 2278
request-destination.https.tentative.sub.html Request's destination must be "webbundle" with the script-based API 1970
resource-timing-attributes-consistent.https.tentative.sub.html Resource timing attributes are consistent for the same-origin subresources. 3144
resource-timing.https.tentative.html Resource timing entries present for uuid-in-package resources 1864
reuse-web-bundle-resource.https.tentative.html script type="webbundle" reuses webbundle resources 11764
service-worker-controlled.https.tentative.html Web Bundle fetching and the inner resouirce fetching should skip service worker 3750
static-element-with-base.https.tentative.sub.html WebBundle subresource loading for static elements with a base element 2479
static-element.https.tentative.sub.html WebBundle subresource loading for static elements 2664
subresource-load.https.tentative.sub.html Subresource loading with script type="webbundle" 11500
supports-webbundle.https.tentative.html HTMLScriptElement.supports webbundle 584