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# WPT Roles Tests
/wai-aria/roles/ includes various files broken up by test type
- **roles.html** covers simple assignment/verification of most core WAI-ARIA roles, and includes a list of cross-references to other specific files and spec directories.
- role testing of *host language* implicit roles (E.g., `<main> -> main`) are in other directories (E.g., [html-aam](
- role testing of **ARIA extension specs** are in other directories (E.g., [graphics-aria](
- basic.html was the first to ensure basic test coverage of webdriver getcomputedrole
- other context-dependent role tests, error handling, and edge cases are covered in separate files
- list-roles.html
- region-roles.html
- grid, listbox, menu, tree, etc
- fallback roles
- invalid roles
- error handling, etc.