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import base64
from wptserve.utils import isomorphic_decode
# Use numeric references to let the HTML parser take care of inserting the correct code points
# rather than trying to figure out the necessary bytes for each encoding. (The latter can be
# especially tricky given that Python does not implement the Encoding Standard.)
def numeric_references(input):
output = b""
for cp in input:
output += b"&#x" + format(ord(cp), u"X").encode(u"utf-8") + b";"
return output
def main(request, response):
# Undo the "magic" space with + replacement as otherwise base64 decoding will fail.
value = request.GET.first(b"value").replace(b" ", b"+")
encoding = request.GET.first(b"encoding")
output_value = numeric_references(base64.b64decode(value).decode(u"utf-8"))
return (
[(b"Content-Type", b"text/html;charset=" + encoding)],
b"""<!doctype html>
""" % (output_value, output_value))