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## urltestdata.json
`resources/urltestdata.json` contains URL parsing tests suitable for any URL parser implementation.
It's used as a source of tests by `a-element.html`, `failure.html`, `url-constructor.any.js`, and
other test files in this directory.
The format of `resources/urltestdata.json` is a JSON array of comments as strings and test cases as
objects. The keys for each test case are:
* `input`: a string to be parsed as URL.
* `base`: null or a serialized URL (i.e., does not fail parsing).
* Then either
* `failure` whose value is `true`, indicating that parsing `input` relative to `base` returns
* `relativeTo` whose value is "`non-opaque-path-base`" (input does parse against a non-null base
URL without an opaque path) or "`any-base`" (input parses against any non-null base URL), or is
omitted in its entirety (input never parses successfully)
or `href`, `origin`, `protocol`, `username`, `password`, `host`, `hostname`, `port`,
`pathname`, `search`, and `hash` with string values; indicating that parsing `input` should return
an URL record and that the getters of each corresponding attribute in that URL’s [API] should
return the corresponding value.
The `origin` key may be missing. In that case, the API’s `origin` attribute is not tested.
## setters_tests.json
`resources/setters_tests.json` is self-documented.
## toascii.json
`resources/toascii.json` is a JSON resource containing an array where each item is an object
consisting of an optional `comment` field and mandatory `input` and `output` fields. `input` is the
domain to be parsed according to the rules of UTS #46 (as stipulated by the URL Standard). `output`
gives the expected output of the parser after serialization. An `output` of `null` means parsing is
expected to fail.
## URL parser's encoding argument
Tests in `/encoding` and `/html/infrastructure/urls/resolving-urls/query-encoding/` cover the
encoding argument to the URL parser.
There's also limited coverage in `resources/percent-encoding.json` for percent-encode after encoding
with _percentEncodeSet_ set to special-query percent-encode set and _spaceAsPlus_ set to false.
(Improvements to expand coverage here are welcome.)
## Specification
The tests in this directory assert conformance with [the URL Standard][URL].