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<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Support page for trusted-types-navigation.*.html tests.</p>
<a id="anchor" href="#">link</a>
if ( == "?defaultpolicy") {
trustedTypes.createPolicy("default", {
createScript: s => s.replace("continue", "defaultpolicywashere"),
function bounceEventToOpener(e) {
const msg = {};
for (const field of ["effectiveDirective", "sample", "type"]) {
msg[field] = e[field];
msg["uri"] = location.href;
window.opener.postMessage(msg, "*");
// If a navigation is blocked by Trusted Types, we expect this window to
// throw a SecurityPolicyViolationEvent. If it's not blocked, we expect the
// loaded frame to through DOMContentLoaded. In either case there should be
// _some_ event that we can expect.
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", bounceEventToOpener);
document.addEventListener("securitypolicyviolation", bounceEventToOpener);
// We'll use a javascript:-url to navigate to ourselves, so that we can
// re-use the messageing mechanisms above. In order to not end up in a loop,
// we'll only click if we don't find fragment in the current URL.
const target_script = `location.href='${location.href}&continue';`;
const target = `javascript:"<script>${target_script}</scri${""}pt>"`;
const anchor = document.getElementById("anchor");
anchor.href = target;
if (!location.hash)
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", _ =>;