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# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
import logging
from threading import Thread
from mozlog import commandline, stdadapter, set_default_logger
from mozlog.structuredlog import StructuredLogger, log_levels
def setup(args, defaults, formatter_defaults=None):
logger = args.pop('log', None)
if logger:
StructuredLogger._logger_states["web-platform-tests"] = logger._state
logger = commandline.setup_logging("web-platform-tests", args, defaults,
for name in list(args.keys()):
if name.startswith("log_"):
return logger
def setup_stdlib_logger():
logging.root.handlers = []
logging.root = stdadapter.std_logging_adapter(logging.root)
class LogLevelRewriter:
"""Filter that replaces log messages at specified levels with messages
at a different level.
This can be used to e.g. downgrade log messages from ERROR to WARNING
in some component where ERRORs are not critical.
:param inner: Handler to use for messages that pass this filter
:param from_levels: List of levels which should be affected
:param to_level: Log level to set for the affected messages
def __init__(self, inner, from_levels, to_level):
self.inner = inner
self.from_levels = [item.upper() for item in from_levels]
self.to_level = to_level.upper()
def __call__(self, data):
if data["action"] == "log" and data["level"].upper() in self.from_levels:
data = data.copy()
data["level"] = self.to_level
return self.inner(data)
class LoggedAboveLevelHandler:
"""Filter that records whether any log message above a certain level has been
:param min_level: Minimum level to record as a str (e.g., "CRITICAL")
def __init__(self, min_level):
self.min_level = log_levels[min_level.upper()]
self.has_log = False
def __call__(self, data):
if (data["action"] == "log" and
not self.has_log and
log_levels[data["level"]] <= self.min_level):
self.has_log = True
class QueueHandler(logging.Handler):
def __init__(self, queue, level=logging.NOTSET):
self.queue = queue
logging.Handler.__init__(self, level=level)
def createLock(self):
# The queue provides its own locking
self.lock = None
def emit(self, record):
msg = self.format(record)
data = {"action": "log",
"level": record.levelname,
"thread": record.threadName,
"pid": record.process,
"message": msg}
class LogQueueThread(Thread):
"""Thread for handling log messages from a queue"""
def __init__(self, queue, logger):
self.queue = queue
self.logger = logger
def run(self):
while True:
data = self.queue.get()
except (EOFError, OSError):
if data is None:
# A None message is used to shut down the logging thread