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# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
import subprocess
from functools import partial
from typing import Callable
from mozlog import get_default_logger
from wptserve.utils import isomorphic_decode
logger = None
def vcs(bin_name: str) -> Callable[..., None]:
def inner(command, *args, **kwargs):
global logger
if logger is None:
logger = get_default_logger("vcs")
repo = kwargs.pop("repo", None)
log_error = kwargs.pop("log_error", True)
stdout = kwargs.pop("stdout", None)
stdin = kwargs.pop("stdin", None)
if kwargs:
raise TypeError(kwargs)
args = list(args)
proc_kwargs = {}
if repo is not None:
# Make sure `cwd` is str type to work in different sub-versions of Python 3.
# Before 3.8, bytes were not accepted on Windows for `cwd`.
proc_kwargs["cwd"] = isomorphic_decode(repo)
if stdout is not None:
proc_kwargs["stdout"] = stdout
if stdin is not None:
proc_kwargs["stdin"] = stdin
command_line = [bin_name, command] + args
logger.debug(" ".join(command_line))
func = subprocess.check_output if not stdout else subprocess.check_call
return func(command_line, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, **proc_kwargs)
except OSError as e:
if log_error:
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
if log_error:
return inner
git = vcs("git")
hg = vcs("hg")
def bind_to_repo(vcs_func, repo, log_error=True):
return partial(vcs_func, repo=repo, log_error=log_error)
def is_git_root(path, log_error=True):
rv = git("rev-parse", "--show-cdup", repo=path, log_error=log_error)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
return False
return rv == b"\n"