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# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
import importlib
from .browsers import product_list
def product_module(config, product):
if product not in product_list:
raise ValueError("Unknown product %s" % product)
module = importlib.import_module("wptrunner.browsers." + product)
if not hasattr(module, "__wptrunner__"):
raise ValueError("Product module does not define __wptrunner__ variable")
return module
class Product:
def __init__(self, config, product):
module = product_module(config, product)
data = module.__wptrunner__ = product
if isinstance(data["browser"], str):
self._browser_cls = {None: getattr(module, data["browser"])}
self._browser_cls = {key: getattr(module, value)
for key, value in data["browser"].items()}
self.check_args = getattr(module, data["check_args"])
self.get_browser_kwargs = getattr(module, data["browser_kwargs"])
self.get_executor_kwargs = getattr(module, data["executor_kwargs"])
self.env_options = getattr(module, data["env_options"])()
self.get_env_extras = getattr(module, data["env_extras"])
self.run_info_extras = (getattr(module, data["run_info_extras"])
if "run_info_extras" in data else lambda **kwargs:{})
self.get_timeout_multiplier = getattr(module, data["timeout_multiplier"])
self.executor_classes = {}
for test_type, cls_name in data["executor"].items():
cls = getattr(module, cls_name)
self.executor_classes[test_type] = cls
def get_browser_cls(self, test_type):
if test_type in self._browser_cls:
return self._browser_cls[test_type]
return self._browser_cls[None]
def load_product_update(config, product):
"""Return tuple of (property_order, boolean_properties) indicating the
run_info properties to use when constructing the expectation data for
this product. None for either key indicates that the default keys
appropriate for distinguishing based on platform will be used."""
module = product_module(config, product)
data = module.__wptrunner__
update_properties = (getattr(module, data["update_properties"])()
if "update_properties" in data else (["product"], {}))
return update_properties