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# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
"""Manifest structure used to store paths that should be included in a test run.
The manifest is represented by a tree of IncludeManifest objects, the root
representing the file and each subnode representing a subdirectory that should
be included or excluded.
import glob
import os
from urllib.parse import urlparse, urlsplit
from .wptmanifest.node import DataNode
from .wptmanifest.backends import conditional
from .wptmanifest.backends.conditional import ManifestItem
class IncludeManifest(ManifestItem):
def __init__(self, node):
"""Node in a tree structure representing the paths
that should be included or excluded from the test run.
:param node: AST Node corresponding to this Node.
ManifestItem.__init__(self, node)
self.child_map = {}
def create(cls):
"""Create an empty IncludeManifest tree"""
node = DataNode(None)
return cls(node)
def set_defaults(self):
if not self.has_key("skip"):
self.set("skip", "False")
def append(self, child):
ManifestItem.append(self, child)
self.child_map[] = child
assert len(self.child_map) == len(self.children)
def include(self, test):
"""Return a boolean indicating whether a particular test should be
included in a test run, based on the IncludeManifest tree rooted on
this object.
:param test: The test object"""
path_components = self._get_components(test.url)
return self._include(test, path_components)
def _include(self, test, path_components):
if path_components:
next_path_part = path_components.pop()
if next_path_part in self.child_map:
return self.child_map[next_path_part]._include(test, path_components)
node = self
while node:
skip_value = self.get("skip", {"test_type": test.item_type}).lower()
assert skip_value in ("true", "false")
return skip_value != "true"
except KeyError:
if node.parent is not None:
node = node.parent
# Include by default
return True
def _get_components(self, url):
rv = []
url_parts = urlsplit(url)
variant = ""
if url_parts.query:
variant += "?" + url_parts.query
if url_parts.fragment:
variant += "#" + url_parts.fragment
if variant:
rv.extend([item for item in reversed(url_parts.path.split("/")) if item])
return rv
def _add_rule(self, test_manifests, url, direction):
maybe_path = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.curdir), url)
rest, last = os.path.split(maybe_path)
fragment = query = None
if "#" in last:
last, fragment = last.rsplit("#", 1)
if "?" in last:
last, query = last.rsplit("?", 1)
maybe_path = os.path.join(rest, last)
paths = glob.glob(maybe_path)
if paths:
urls = []
for path in paths:
for manifest, data in test_manifests.items():
found = False
rel_path = os.path.relpath(path, data["tests_path"])
iterator = manifest.iterpath if os.path.isfile(path) else manifest.iterdir
for test in iterator(rel_path):
if not hasattr(test, "url"):
url = test.url
if query or fragment:
parsed = urlparse(url)
if ((query and query != parsed.query) or
(fragment and fragment != parsed.fragment)):
found = True
if found:
urls = [url]
assert direction in ("include", "exclude")
for url in urls:
components = self._get_components(url)
node = self
while components:
component = components.pop()
if component not in node.child_map:
new_node = IncludeManifest(DataNode(component))
new_node.set("skip", node.get("skip", {}))
node = node.child_map[component]
skip = False if direction == "include" else True
node.set("skip", str(skip))
def add_include(self, test_manifests, url_prefix):
"""Add a rule indicating that tests under a url path
should be included in test runs
:param url_prefix: The url prefix to include
return self._add_rule(test_manifests, url_prefix, "include")
def add_exclude(self, test_manifests, url_prefix):
"""Add a rule indicating that tests under a url path
should be excluded from test runs
:param url_prefix: The url prefix to exclude
return self._add_rule(test_manifests, url_prefix, "exclude")
def get_manifest(manifest_path):
with open(manifest_path, "rb") as f:
return conditional.compile(f, data_cls_getter=lambda x, y: IncludeManifest)