Name Description Size 0 5449 Get the extension from a filename with special handling for 47452
commands.json 2147 <!doctype html> %(documentElement)s<meta charset=utf-8> 4265 Install a given browser or webdriver frontend. For convenience the release channel of the browser accepts various spellings, but we actually support at most three variants; whatever the latest development release is (e.g. Firefox nightly or Chrome dev), the latest beta release, and the most recent stable release. 4008
mach-emulator.manifest 319 Produce a Markdown-formatted string based on a given "product"--a string containing a browser identifier optionally followed by a colon and a release channel. (For example: "firefox" or "chrome:dev".) The generated title string is used both to create new comments and to locate (and subsequently update) previously-submitted comments. 1622
paths 94
requirements.txt 88 Returns the tagged revisions indexed by the committer date. 4768 OpenSSL binary not found. If you need HTTPS tests, install OpenSSL from Ensuring that libraries are added to /bin and add the resulting bin directory to your PATH. Otherwise run with --ssl-type=none 30731 17000
tests 7
tox.ini 368 896 Log terminal command, invoke it as a subprocess. Returns a bytestring of the subprocess output if no error. 2770 4509 Eagerly load all subparsers. This involves more work than is required for typical command-line usage. It is maintained for the purposes of documentation generation as implemented in WPT's top-level `/docs` directory. 5808