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commands.json 264 This command generates a manifest file containing a mapping of web-feature identifiers to test paths. The web-feature identifiers are sourced from They are used in WEB_FEATURES.yml files located throughout the WPT source code. Each file defines which test files correspond to a specific identifier. Refer to RFC 163 ( for more file details. This command processes all WEB_FEATURES.yml files, extracts the list of test paths from the test files, and writes them to a manifest file. The manifest file maps web-feature identifiers to their corresponding test paths. The file written is a JSON file. An example file looks like: { "version": 1, "data": { "async-clipboard": [ "/clipboard-apis/async-custom-formats-write-fail.tentative.https.html", "/clipboard-apis/async-custom-formats-write-read-web-prefix.tentative.https.html" ], "idle-detection": [ "/idle-detection/basics.tentative.https.window.html", "/idle-detection/idle-detection-allowed-by-permissions-policy-attribute-redirect-on-load.https.sub.html" ] } } The JSON Schema for the file format can be found at MANIFEST_SCHEMA.json This file does not follow the same format as the original manifest file, MANIFEST.json. 7462
tests Stores a mapping of web-features to their associated test paths. 4881