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norecursedirs = .* {arch} *.egg third_party
xfail_strict = true
addopts = --strict-markers
markers =
slow: marks tests as slow (deselect with '-m "not slow"')
filterwarnings =
# ignore importlib changes which six is unlikely to ever adopt
ignore:_SixMetaPathImporter.exec_module\(\) not found; falling back to load_module\(\):ImportWarning
ignore:_SixMetaPathImporter.find_spec\(\) not found; falling back to find_module\(\):ImportWarning
# ignore urllib3's warning when not using OpenSSL
ignore:.*currently the 'ssl' module is compiled with.*::urllib3
# ignore mozinfo deprecation warnings
ignore:distutils Version classes are deprecated\. Use packaging\.version instead\.:DeprecationWarning:mozinfo
# ingore mozinfo's dependency on distro
ignore:distro\.linux_distribution\(\) is deprecated\. It should only be used as a compatibility shim with Python's platform\.linux_distribution\(\)\. Please use distro\.id\(\), distro\.version\(\) and distro\.name\(\) instead\.:DeprecationWarning
# ignore mozversion deprecation warnings
ignore:This method will be removed in .*\.\s+Use 'parser\.read_file\(\)' instead\.:DeprecationWarning:mozversion
# ignore mozversion not cleanly closing .ini files
ignore:unclosed file.*\.ini:ResourceWarning:mozversion
# mozdevice uses pipes module
ignore:'pipes' is deprecated and slated for removal in Python 3:DeprecationWarning
# mozrunner uses telnetlib module
ignore:'telnetlib' is deprecated and slated for removal in Python 3:DeprecationWarning
always:The metaschema specified by \$schema was not found\. Using the latest draft to validate, but this will raise an error in the future\.:DeprecationWarning
always:'cgi' is deprecated and slated for removal in Python 3:DeprecationWarning
always:the imp module is deprecated in favour of importlib:DeprecationWarning
always:pkg_resources is deprecated as an API:DeprecationWarning