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commands.json 218 860 You must fix all errors; for details on how to fix them, see However, instead of fixing a particular error, it's sometimes OK to add a line to the lint.ignore file in the root of the web-platform-tests directory to make the lint tool ignore it. For example, to make the lint tool ignore all '%s' errors in the %s file, you could add the following line to the lint.ignore file. %s: %s 39043 Ensure that there is a `<link rel="help" href="[url]">` for the spec. `MISSING-LINK` is designed to ensure that the CSS build tool can find the tests. Note that the CSS build system is primarily used by [](, which doesn't use `wptserve`, so `*.any.js` and similar tests won't work there; stick with the `.html` equivalent. 17456