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azure These are step templates for Azure Pipelines, used in `.azure-pipelines.yml` 19 1108 415 440 851 800
commands.json 1069 1108 normalize a path for both case and slashes (to /) 4467 578 5533 Decorate a `Project` instance method which interacts with the GitHub API, ensuring that the subsequent request will not deplete the relevant allowance. This verification does not itself influence rate limiting: > Accessing this endpoint does not count against your REST API rate limit. 14856 Wrapper script for running jobs in Taskcluster This is intended for running test jobs in Taskcluster. The script takes a two positional arguments which are the name of the test job and the script to actually run. The name of the test job is used to determine whether the script should be run for this push (this is in lieu of having a proper decision task). There are several ways that the script can be scheduled to run 1. The output of wpt test-jobs includes the job name 2. The job name is included in a job declaration (see below) 3. The string "all" is included in the job declaration 4. The job name is set to "all" A job declaration is a line appearing in the pull request body (for pull requests) or first commit message (for pushes) of the form: tc-jobs: job1,job2,[...] In addition, there are a number of keyword arguments used to set options for the environment in which the jobs run. Documentation for these is in the command help. As well as running the script, the script sets two environment variables; GITHUB_BRANCH which is the branch that the commits will merge into (if it's a PR) or the branch that the commits are on (if it's a push), and GITHUB_PULL_REQUEST which is the string "false" if the event triggering this job wasn't a pull request or the pull request number if it was. The semantics of these variables are chosen to match the corresponding TRAVIS_* variables. Note: for local testing in the Docker image the script ought to still work, but full functionality requires that the TASK_EVENT environment variable is set to the serialization of a GitHub event payload. 19037 Invoke the `wpt run` command according to the needs of the Taskcluster continuous integration service. 3485
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