Name Description Size
META.yml 90 This directory contains the Storage test suite. 258
estimate-indexeddb.https.any.js 2996
estimate-parallel.https.any.js 535
estimate-usage-details-application-cache.https.tentative.html Quota Estimate: usage details reflect application cache changes. 986
estimate-usage-details-caches.https.tentative.any.js 769
estimate-usage-details-indexeddb.https.tentative.any.js 2672
estimate-usage-details-service-workers.https.tentative.window.js 1496
estimate-usage-details.https.tentative.any.js 544
helpers.js @description - Function will create a database with the supplied name and also create an object store with the specified name. If a db with the name dbName exists, this will raze the existing DB beforehand. @param {string} dbName @param {string} objectStoreName @param {testCase} t @returns {Promise} - A promise that resolves to an indexedDB open request 1555
idlharness.https.any.js 419
opaque-origin.https.window.js 2775
permission-query.https.any.js 493
persist-permission-manual.https.html StorageManager: permission state is granted 959
persisted.https.any.js 545
quotachange-in-detached-iframe.tentative.https.html quotachange event on DOMWindow of detached iframe 762
resources 2
storagemanager-estimate.https.any.js 2217
storagemanager-persist.https.window.js 418
storagemanager-persist.https.worker.js 231
storagemanager-persisted.https.any.js 427