Name Description Size
about-blank-iframes.html Test about:blank iframes prerendering state 922
accept-client-hint-cache.https.html Test Prerender pages maintain their own Client Hint Caches 1378
activation-start.html PerformanceNavigationTiming's activationStart in prerendered page 2365
blob_object_url.html Same-origin prerendering page can create a url for the given objects 1186
cache-storage.https.html Same-origin prerendering can access cache storage 1252
clients-matchall.https.html Service Worker: Clients.matchAll with a prerender page 1770
cookies.https.html Same-origin prerendering can access cookies 1260
credentialed-prerender-not-opt-in.html same-site cross-origin prerendering not opt in 1191
credentialed-prerender-opt-in.html same-site cross-origin prerendering opt in 1036
cross-origin-iframe.html Load a cross-origin document in a prerendered iframe 2012
cross-origin-isolated.https.html Allow crossOriginIsolated in prerendered page 1029
csp-script-src-elem-inline-speculation-rules.html 1132
csp-script-src-inline-speculation-rules.html 1122
csp-script-src-self.html 1092
csp-script-src-strict-dynamic.html 1108
csp-script-src-unsafe-inline.html 1100
fetch-blob.html Same-origin prerendering can access blobs 1359
fetch-intercepted-by-service-worker.https.html Service worker intercepts a fetch request coming from a prerendered page 1475
iframe-added-post-activation.html iframe added after activation 1046
indexeddb.html Same-origin prerendering can access Indexed Database 1473
local-storage.html Same-origin prerendering can access localStorage 1785
main-frame-navigation.https.html Test about: main frame navigation in a prerendered page 1316
media-autoplay.html Same-origin prerendering can trigger autoplay 1497
navigation-api-location-replace.html 2996
navigation-api-multiple-entries.html 2647
navigation-api.html 3033
navigation-intercepted-by-service-worker.https.html Service worker intercepts a navigation and starts prerendering 1361
navigator-plugins.html Same-origin prerendering can access navigator.plugins 1564
no-vary-search-hint.https.html 3637
no-vary-search.https.html 3155
prefetch.https.html 819
prerender-while-prerender.html 1763
referrer-policy-from-rules.html Prerender with the referrer policy specified in speculation rules 1794
referrer-policy-mismatch.html Referrer policy mismatches must be allowed between prerendering and activation 3996
referrer-policy-no-referrer.html Test noreferrer 729
referrer-policy-origin.html Test origin referrer 922
referrer-policy-strict-origin.html Test strict-origin referrer 810
referrer.html Test default referrer 670
register-service-worker.https.html Registration of a new service worker in a prerendered page 1981
remove-script-element.html 785
response-code-non-successful.html Check that non-successful responses result in discarding the prerender 1193
response-code-successful.html Check that successful responses result in activating the prerender 1147
restriction-audio-setSinkId-with-invalid-sinkId.https.tentative.html Access to the setSinkId of the Audio API with an invalid value is deferred 2019
restriction-audio-setSinkId.https.tentative.html Access to the setSinkId of the Audio API is deferred 1964
restriction-background-fetch.https.html Access to the Background Fetch API is deferred 2667
restriction-background-sync.tentative.https.html Access to the Background Sync API is deferred 2670
restriction-battery-status.https.html Access to the Battery Status API is deferred 1727
restriction-bluetooth.tentative.https.html Access to the Bluetooth API is deferred 1849
restriction-broadcast-channel.html BroadcastChannel#postMessage is deferred 1705
restriction-dedicated-worker.https.html Access to the Dedicated Worker API is deferred 1652
restriction-encrypted-media-unsupported-config.https.html Access to the Encrypted Media API is deferred with unsupported config 1787
restriction-encrypted-media.https.html Access to the Encrypted Media API is deferred 1696
restriction-focus.html Prerendering documents are not focused 1372
restriction-idle-detection.https.html Prerendering cannot invoke the Idle Detection API 1155
restriction-local-file-system-access.https.html Same-origin prerendering cannot access local file system 1030
restriction-media-auto-play-attribute.html Access to the Autoplay of the Media is deferred 2369
restriction-media-camera.https.html Access to the Camera of the user media device is deferred 1933
restriction-media-capabilities-decoding-info.https.html MediaCapabilities decodingInfo API is not deferred 1870
restriction-media-capabilities-encoding-info.https.html MediaCapabilities encodingInfo API is not deferred 1870
restriction-media-device-info.https.html Access to the Media Device Info is deferred 1801
restriction-media-microphone.https.html Access to the Microphone of the user media device is deferred 1942
restriction-media-play.html Access to the Play of the Media is deferred 2347
restriction-message-boxes.html 1625
restriction-midi-sysex.https.html Access to the Midi API with sysex=true is deferred 2091
restriction-midi.https.html Access to the Midi API with sysex=false is deferred 2094
restriction-notification.https.html Access to the Notification API before and after prerender activation 3036
restriction-presentation-request.https.html Same-origin prerendering cannot start presentation 965
restriction-prompt-by-before-unload.html Prerendering cannot invoke the prompt generated by the beforeunload event 1187
restriction-push.https.html Access to the Push API is deferred 2543
restriction-request-picture-in-picture.html Prerendering cannot invoke HTMLVideoElement.requestPictureInPicture 1202
restriction-screen-capture.https.html Prerendering cannot invoke the Screen Capture API 1340
restriction-screen-orientation-lock.https.html Access to the Screen Orientation Lock API is deferred 1655
restriction-sensor-accelerometer.https.html Access to the Accelerometer API is deferred 2219
restriction-sensor-ambient-light-sensor.https.html Access to the Ambient Light Sensor API is deferred 2260
restriction-sensor-gyroscope.https.html Access to the Gyroscope API is deferred 2191
restriction-sensor-magnetometer.https.html Access to the Magnetometer API is deferred 2212
restriction-service-worker-postmessage.https.html postMessage() between service worker and prerendered page 2196
restriction-service-worker-unregister.https.html ServiceWorkerRegistration.unregister in a prerendered page 2056
restriction-service-worker-update.https.html ServiceWorkerRegistration.update in a prerendered page 2028
restriction-speech-synthesis.html Access to the speech synthesis is deferred 2127
restriction-storage-persist.https.html Access to storage.persist() is deferred 1632
restriction-wake-lock.https.html Access to the Wake Lock API is deferred 2273
restriction-web-hid.https.html Access to the Web HID API is deferred 1584
restriction-web-locks.https.html Access to the Web Locks API is deferred 1824
restriction-web-nfc.https.html Access to the Web NFC API is deferred 1757
restriction-web-serial.tentative.https.html Access to the Web Serial API is deferred 1818
restriction-web-share.https.html Prerendering cannot invoke the Web Share API 1134
restriction-web-usb.https.html Access to the Web USB API is deferred 1584
restriction-web-xr-immersive-vr-session.https.html Access to the WebXR immersive-vr session API is deferred 1867
restriction-web-xr-inline-session.https.html Access to the WebXR inline session API is deferred 1830
restriction-window-move.html 1695
restriction-window-open.html 1365
restriction-window-resize.html 1710
restrictions.html Same-origin prerendering cannot access some APIs 1297
sandbox-iframe.html Load a prerendered iframe with sandbox attributes 1828
script-supports-speculationrules.html HTMLScriptElement.supports speculationrules 874
service-workers.https.html Service Workers APIs with prerendering 4555
session-history-activation.https.html Test history.length 834
session-history-location.https.html Test history.length 1108
session-history-navigation.https.html Test history.length 834
session-history-pushstate.https.html Test history.length 903
session-history-subframe-navigation.https.html Test history.length during a subframe navigation 717
session-history-subframe-reload.https.html Test history.length and reloading a subframe 691
session-storage.tentative.html Same-origin prerendering can access sessionStorage 955
state-and-event.html 1950
visibility-state.html visibilityState must be updated after prerendering 1069
windowclient-navigate-to-cross-origin-url-on-iframe.https.html WindowClient.navigate() to cross-origin url in a prerendered iframe 2895
windowclient-navigate-to-same-origin-url-on-iframe.https.html WindowClient.navigate() to same-origin url in a prerendered iframe 2068
windowclient-navigate.https.html WindowClient.navigate() for prerendered main page 2479
workers-in-cross-origin-iframe.html Construction of Web Workers in cross-origin iframe is deferred 1850
workers.html Construction of Web Workers is deferred 4839