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# /xhr/resources/ -- to fake a 304 response
def main(request, response):
if request.method == "OPTIONS":
# Assume this is a CORS preflight
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Headers", "*")
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*")
response.status = (204, "No Content")
return b""
tag = request.GET.first(b"tag", None)
redirect = request.GET.first(b"redirect", None)
match = request.headers.get(b"If-None-Match", None)
date = request.GET.first(b"date", b"")
modified = request.headers.get(b"If-Modified-Since", None)
url = request.GET.first(b"url", None)
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Origin", b"*")
response.headers.set(b"Timing-Allow-Origin", b"*")
if tag:
response.headers.set(b"ETag", b'"%s"' % tag)
elif date:
response.headers.set(b"Last-Modified", date)
if redirect:
response.headers.set(b"Location", redirect)
response.status = (302, b"Moved")
return b""
if url:
filename = url.decode('utf-8').split("?")[0]
filepath = "./resource-timing/resources/{}".format(filename)
response.headers.set(b"Content-Type", b"text/javascript")
with open(filepath, 'rb') as f:
filedata =
return filedata
if ((match is not None and match == tag) or
(modified is not None and modified == date)):
response.status = (304, b"SUPERCOOL")
return b""
response.headers.set(b"Content-Type", b"text/plain")
return b"MAYBE NOT"