Name Description Size
csp-error.https.sub.html Notify parent on load and generate a CSP error 485
csp-error.https.sub.html.sub.headers 256
fail.png 0
first-csp-report.https.sub.html Bug test page 1 534
first-csp-report.https.sub.html.sub.headers 144
generate-csp-report.https.sub.html Generate CSP reports 120
generate-csp-report.https.sub.html.sub.headers 94 <!DOCTYPE HTML> <meta charset=utf-8> <title>Generate deprecation report</title> <script> webkitRequestAnimationFrame(() => {}); </script> 1116
generate-report.https.sub.html Generate deprecation report 140
middle-frame.https.sub.html Utility page which embeds a reporting page on the chosen host 501 # Using the common report collector 2808
report-helper.js 1217 Retrieve the set of reports for a given report ID. This will extract either the set of reports, credentials, or request count from the stash (depending on the key passed in) and return it encoded as JSON. When retrieving reports, this will not return any reports until min_count reports have been received. If timeout seconds elapse before the requested data can be found in the stash, or before at least min_count reports are received, default_value will be returned instead. 5257
same-origin-report.https.sub.html Generates a CSP violation report and sends it to a same-origin endpoint 433
same-origin-report.https.sub.html.sub.headers 212
second-csp-report.https.sub.html Bug test page 2 786
second-csp-report.https.sub.html.sub.headers 127