Name Description Size
iframe-session-history.html Test the correct sequence of pagevisibility-related events in conjunction with history navigation 2464
iframe-unload.html visibilitychange fires on unload with iframes 1120
META.yml 93
minimize.html Test different scenarios of how browser interactions are reflected by page visibility 2378
onvisibilitychange.html onvisibilitychange attribute is a proper event handler 594
test_attributes_exist.html Page Visibility API Definition 729
test_child_document.html Page Visibility API Child Document Test 2925
test_default_view.html Page Visibility Null Default View Test 1899
test_minimize-manual.html Page Visibility API Operation While Minimizing Browser Window 8090
test_read_only.html Page Visibility API is Read Only 1277
test_tab_state_change-manual.html Page Visibility API Operation While Changing Tabs 7937
unload-bubbles.html visibilitychange event bubbles when fired on unload 615
unload.html visibilitychange fires on unload 470
visibility-state-entry.tentative.html Test VisibleStateEntry 3436