Name Description Size
absolute-fallback.https.html 1026
add-listener-from-callback.https.html 2575
basic-operation-absolute.https.html 1596
basic-operation.https.html 1529
create-event.https.html 1319
horizontal-surface-manual.https.html DeviceOrientationEvent: A device lying flat on a horizontal surface 1026
multiple-event-listeners.https.html 1023
no-synchronous-events.https.html 875
null-values.https.html 1635
optional-event-properties.https.html 2479
page-visibility.https.html 1587
requestPermission.https.window.js 2084
rounding.https.html 995
t006-manual.https.html Rotate the device frame around its z axis 989
t009-manual.https.html Rotate the device frame around its x axis 991
t010-manual.https.html Rotate the device frame around its y axis 991
t012-manual.https.html Implementations that are unable to provide all three angles must set the values of the unknown angles to null 1676
updates.https.html 1600