Name Description Size
add-during-dispatch.https.html 1107
add-listener-from-callback.https.html 1955
create-event.https.html 1538
free-fall-manual.https.html DeviceMotionEvent: A device in free-fall, with the screen horizontal and upmost 1481
multiple-event-listeners.https.html 1048
null-values.https.html 1570
optional-event-properties.https.html 12004
page-visibility-manual.https.html 821
requestPermission.https.window.js 2066
screen-upmost-manual.https.html DeviceMotionEvent: A device lying flat on a horizontal surface with the screen upmost 1553
screen-upright-manual.https.html DeviceMotionEvent: A device with the screen upright 1455
t025-manual.https.html Implementations that are unable to provide acceleration data without the effect of gravity may instead supply the acceleration including the effect of gravity 1441
t028-manual.https.html The interval property must be expressed in milliseconds. It must be a constant, to simplify filtering of the data by the Web application 1229