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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Copyright © 2016 Chromium authors and World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ERCIM, Keio University, Beihang). -->
<title>Test MediaSource behavior when receiving multiple seek requests during a pending seek.</title>
<meta name="timeout" content="long">
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="mediasource-util.js"></script>
<div id="log"></div>
mediasource_testafterdataloaded(function(test, mediaElement, mediaSource, segmentInfo, sourceBuffer, mediaData)
// Append all media data for complete playback.
test.expectEvent(sourceBuffer, 'updateend', 'sourceBuffer end update.');
test.expectEvent(mediaElement, 'loadedmetadata', 'Reached HAVE_METADATA');
test.expectEvent(mediaElement, 'playing', 'Playing media.');
var bufferedRanges = mediaElement.buffered;
assert_greater_than_equal(mediaElement.duration, 4.0, 'Duration is >= 4.0s');
assert_equals(bufferedRanges.length, 1, 'Just one buffered range');
assert_less_than_equal(bufferedRanges.start(0), 1.0, 'Buffered range starts <= 1.0s');
assert_greater_than_equal(bufferedRanges.end(0), 4.0, 'Buffered range ends >= 4.0s');
test.expectEvent(mediaElement, 'seeking', 'seeking');
test.expectEvent(mediaElement, 'timeupdate', 'timeupdate');
test.expectEvent(mediaElement, 'seeked', 'seeked');
// Request seeks.
mediaElement.currentTime = 1.0;
// This 'ephemeral' seek should be invisible to javascript, except any latency incurred in its processing.
mediaElement.currentTime = 3.0;
mediaElement.currentTime = 1.0;
assert_true(mediaElement.seeking, 'Element is seeking');
assert_equals(mediaElement.currentTime, 1.0, 'Element time is at last seek time');
// No more seeking or seeked events should occur.
mediaElement.addEventListener('seeking', test.unreached_func("Unexpected event 'seeking'"));
mediaElement.addEventListener('seeked', test.unreached_func("Unexpected event 'seeked'"));
assert_false(mediaElement.seeking, 'Element is not seeking');
assert_greater_than_equal(mediaElement.currentTime, 1.0, 'Element time is at or after last seek time');
assert_less_than(mediaElement.currentTime, 3.0, 'Element time is before the ephemeral seek time');
var timeBeforeWait = mediaElement.currentTime;
test.waitForCurrentTimeChange(mediaElement, function()
// Time should have advanced a little, but not yet reached the ephemeral seek time.
assert_greater_than(mediaElement.currentTime, timeBeforeWait, 'Element time has increased');
assert_less_than(mediaElement.currentTime, 3.0, 'Element time is still before the ephemeral seek time');
}, 'Test redundant fully prebuffered seek');