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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Copyright © 2016 Chromium authors and World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ERCIM, Keio University, Beihang). -->
<title>Tests that MediaSource attachment stops delaying the load event.</title>
<link rel="author" title="Matthew Wolenetz" href=""/>
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
var receivedLoadEvent = false;
var receivedSourceOpenEvent = false;
window.addEventListener("load", test.step_func(function() {
assert_false(receivedLoadEvent, "window should not receive multiple load events");
receivedLoadEvent = true;
assert_equals(document.readyState, "complete", "document should be complete");
if (receivedLoadEvent && receivedSourceOpenEvent) {
assert_equals(document.readyState, "loading", "document should not be complete yet");
var video = document.createElement("video");
var mediaSource = new MediaSource();
// |video| should stop delaying the load event long and complete the MediaSource attachment
// before either a "progress", "stalled" or "suspend" event are enqueued.
video.addEventListener("suspend", test.unreached_func("unexpected 'suspend' event"));
video.addEventListener("stalled", test.unreached_func("unexpected 'stalled' event"));
video.addEventListener("progress", test.unreached_func("unexpected 'progress' event"));
// No error is expected.
video.addEventListener("error", test.unreached_func("unexpected 'error' event"));
mediaSource.addEventListener("sourceopen", test.step_func(function() {
assert_false(receivedSourceOpenEvent, "only one sourceopen event should occur in this test");
receivedSourceOpenEvent = true;
assert_equals(video.networkState, video.NETWORK_LOADING);
assert_equals(video.readyState, video.HAVE_NOTHING);
if (receivedLoadEvent && receivedSourceOpenEvent) {
var mediaSourceURL = URL.createObjectURL(mediaSource);
video.src = mediaSourceURL;
test.add_cleanup(function() { URL.revokeObjectURL(mediaSourceURL); });
}, "MediaSource attachment should immediately stop delaying the load event");