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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Copyright © 2016 Chromium authors and World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ERCIM, Keio University, Beihang). -->
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="timeout" content="long">
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="mediasource-util.js"></script>
var subType = MediaSourceUtil.getSubType(MediaSourceUtil.AUDIO_ONLY_TYPE);
var manifestFilenameAudio = subType + '/test-a-128k-44100Hz-1ch-manifest.json';
// Fill up a given SourceBuffer by appending data repeatedly via doAppendDataFunc until
// an exception is thrown. The thrown exception is passed to onCaughtExceptionCallback.
function fillUpSourceBuffer(test, sourceBuffer, doAppendDataFunc, onCaughtExceptionCallback) {
assert_false(sourceBuffer.updating, 'updating should be false before attempting an append operation');
// We are appending data repeatedly in sequence mode, there should be no gaps.
let sbLength = sourceBuffer.buffered.length;
assert_false(sbLength > 1, 'unexpected gap in buffered ranges.');
let previousBufferedStart = sbLength == 0 ? -Infinity : sourceBuffer.buffered.start(0);
let previousBufferedEnd = sbLength == 0 ? -Infinity : sourceBuffer.buffered.end(0);
let appendSucceeded = true;
try {
} catch(ex) {
onCaughtExceptionCallback(ex, previousBufferedStart, previousBufferedEnd);
appendSucceeded = false;
if (appendSucceeded) {
assert_true(sourceBuffer.updating, 'updating should be true if synchronous portion of appendBuffer succeeded');
test.expectEvent(sourceBuffer, 'updateend', 'append ended.');
test.waitForExpectedEvents(function() { fillUpSourceBuffer(test, sourceBuffer, doAppendDataFunc, onCaughtExceptionCallback); });
mediasource_test(function(test, mediaElement, mediaSource)
mediaElement.addEventListener('error', test.unreached_func('Unexpected media element error event'));
MediaSourceUtil.fetchManifestAndData(test, manifestFilenameAudio, function(typeAudio, dataAudio)
var sourceBuffer = mediaSource.addSourceBuffer(typeAudio);
sourceBuffer.mode = 'sequence';
fillUpSourceBuffer(test, sourceBuffer,
function () { // doAppendDataFunc
function (ex, previousBufferedStart, previousBufferedEnd) { // onCaughtExceptionCallback
assert_equals(, 'QuotaExceededError');
// Verify that the state looks like appendBuffer stops executing its steps if the prepare append
// algorithm aborts after throwing `QuotaExceededError`.
assert_false(sourceBuffer.updating, 'updating should be false if appendBuffer throws QuotaExceededError');
sourceBuffer.onupdatestart = test.unreached_func('buffer append, signalled by updatestart, should not be in progress');
sourceBuffer.onupdate = test.unreached_func('buffer append, signalled by update, should not be in progress');
sourceBuffer.onupdateend = test.unreached_func('buffer append, signalled by updateend, should not be in progress');
// Ensure the async append was not actually run by letting their event handlers have some time before we proceed.
test.step_timeout(function() {
// At least the first doAppendDataFunc call shouldn't throw QuotaExceededError, unless the audio
// test media itself is too large for one append. If that's the case, then many other tests should
// fail and the choice of test media may need to be changed.
assert_equals(sourceBuffer.buffered.length, 1, 'test expects precisely one buffered range here');
assert_equals(sourceBuffer.buffered.start(0), previousBufferedStart, 'QuotaExceededError should not update buffered media');
assert_equals(sourceBuffer.buffered.end(0), previousBufferedEnd, 'QuotaExceededError should not update buffered media');
// Note, it's difficult to verify that the user agent does not "Add |data| to the end of the |input buffer|" if
// the attempted appendBuffer() of that |data| caused QuotaExceededError.
}, 1000 /* 1 second, modifiable by harness multiplier */ );
}, 'Appending data repeatedly should fill up the buffer and throw a QuotaExceededError when buffer is full.');