Name Description Size
contracted-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: contracted image bounded by display size. 1286
cross-origin-image.sub.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe cross-origin images but without renderTime. 1183
element-only-when-fully-active.html Largest Contentful Paint: element is only exposed for fully active documents. 669
expanded-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: expanded image bounded by intrinsic size. 1329
first-letter-background.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe element with background image in its first letter 3451
first-paint-equals-lcp-text.html LargestContentfulPaint compared with FirstPaint and FirstContentfulPaint on single text page. 2374
idlharness.html Largest Contentful Paint IDL tests 1006
iframe-content-not-observed.html Largest Contentful Paint: do NOT observe elements from same-origin iframes 884
image-full-viewport.html Largest Contentful Paint: size when image overflows 1792
image-inside-svg.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image inside SVG 1056
image-not-fully-visible.html Largest Contentful Paint: size when image overflows 2387
image-removed-before-load.html Largest Contentful Paint: largest image is reported. 1686
image-src-change.html Largest Contentful Paint: src change triggers new entry. 2422
image-sw-same-origin.https.html Largest Contentful Paint: same-origin service worker should not be treated as TAO-fail 1370
image-TAO.sub.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe cross origin images with various Timing-Allow-Origin headers 2528
image-upscaling.html Largest Contentful Paint: largest image is reported. 5088
initially-invisible-images.html Largest Contentful Paint: initially out-of-viewport image gets an LCP entry once they are visible. 2033
invisible-images-composited-1.html Largest Contentful Paint: invisible images are not observable 1225
invisible-images-composited-2.html Largest Contentful Paint: invisible images are not observable 797
invisible-images.html Largest Contentful Paint: invisible images are not observable 852
larger-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: largest image is reported. 2149
larger-text.html Largest Contentful Paint: largest text is reported. 3453
loadTime-after-appendChild.html Largest Contentful Paint: delayed appended image. 1320
META.yml 110
mouseover-heuristics-background.tentative.html LCP mouseover heuristics ignore background-based zoom widgets 659
mouseover-heuristics-element.tentative.html LCP mouseover heuristics ignore element-based zoom widgets 656
multiple-image-same-src.html Largest Contentful Paint:dynamically appended image with different dimensions but same src triggers new entry. 2233
multiple-redirects-TAO.html This test validates some Timing-Allow-Origin header usage in multiple redirects. 2841
non-tao-image-load-after-fcp.tentative.html Non-Tao Image Load and Render After FCP. 909
non-tao-image-load-before-fcp-render-after.tentative.html Non-Tao Image Load Before FCP and Render After FCP. 1142
non-tao-image-load-before-fcp-render-at-fcp.tentative.html Non-Tao Image Load Before LCP and Render at the Same Time of FCP. 865
non-tao-image-subsequent-lcp-candidate.tentative.html Non-Tao Image Subsequent LCP candidates. 1597
observe-after-untrusted-scroll.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image. 1207
observe-css-generated-text.html 3932
observe-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image. 1040
observe-svg-background-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image. 1302
observe-svg-data-uri-background-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image. 1542
observe-svg-data-uri-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe image. 1281
observe-svg-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe SVG image. 1044
observe-text.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe text. 1677
placeholder-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: src change triggers new entry. 1273
progressively-loaded-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: Progressively Loaded Image 2003
redirects-tao-star.html This test validates LargestContentfulPaint information for cross-origin redirect chain images. 2160
repeated-image.html Largest Contentful Paint: repeated image. 1739
same-origin-redirects.html This test validates LargestContentfulPaint for same-origin redirect chain. 1332
supported-lcp-type.html PerformanceObserver.supportedEntryTypes contains "largest-contentful-paint" 686
text-with-display-style.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe text with display style. 3232
toJSON.html Largest Contentful Paint: toJSON 1335
update-on-style-change.tentative.html LargestContentfulPaint entries should generate for updates to previous LargestContentfulPaint nodes. 1471
video-data-uri.html This test verifies a video element of data uri src triggers an LCP entry to be emitted 10408
video-poster.html Largest Contentful Paint: observe video poster image 1087
web-font-styled-text-resize-block.html 1940
web-font-styled-text-resize-swap-after-interaction.html 3514
web-font-styled-text-resize-swap-smaller.html 2121
web-font-styled-text-resize-swap-subnode.html 2130
web-font-styled-text-resize-swap.html 2063