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// Content was automatically extracted by Reffy into webref
// Source: Service Workers Nightly (
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface ServiceWorker : EventTarget {
readonly attribute USVString scriptURL;
readonly attribute ServiceWorkerState state;
undefined postMessage(any message, sequence<object> transfer);
undefined postMessage(any message, optional StructuredSerializeOptions options = {});
// event
attribute EventHandler onstatechange;
ServiceWorker includes AbstractWorker;
enum ServiceWorkerState {
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface ServiceWorkerRegistration : EventTarget {
readonly attribute ServiceWorker? installing;
readonly attribute ServiceWorker? waiting;
readonly attribute ServiceWorker? active;
[SameObject] readonly attribute NavigationPreloadManager navigationPreload;
readonly attribute USVString scope;
readonly attribute ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache updateViaCache;
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> update();
[NewObject] Promise<boolean> unregister();
// event
attribute EventHandler onupdatefound;
enum ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache {
partial interface Navigator {
[SecureContext, SameObject] readonly attribute ServiceWorkerContainer serviceWorker;
partial interface WorkerNavigator {
[SecureContext, SameObject] readonly attribute ServiceWorkerContainer serviceWorker;
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface ServiceWorkerContainer : EventTarget {
readonly attribute ServiceWorker? controller;
readonly attribute Promise<ServiceWorkerRegistration> ready;
[NewObject] Promise<ServiceWorkerRegistration> register(USVString scriptURL, optional RegistrationOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<(ServiceWorkerRegistration or undefined)> getRegistration(optional USVString clientURL = "");
[NewObject] Promise<FrozenArray<ServiceWorkerRegistration>> getRegistrations();
undefined startMessages();
// events
attribute EventHandler oncontrollerchange;
attribute EventHandler onmessage; // event.source of message events is ServiceWorker object
attribute EventHandler onmessageerror;
dictionary RegistrationOptions {
USVString scope;
WorkerType type = "classic";
ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache updateViaCache = "imports";
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface NavigationPreloadManager {
Promise<undefined> enable();
Promise<undefined> disable();
Promise<undefined> setHeaderValue(ByteString value);
Promise<NavigationPreloadState> getState();
dictionary NavigationPreloadState {
boolean enabled = false;
ByteString headerValue;
[Global=(Worker,ServiceWorker), Exposed=ServiceWorker, SecureContext]
interface ServiceWorkerGlobalScope : WorkerGlobalScope {
[SameObject] readonly attribute Clients clients;
[SameObject] readonly attribute ServiceWorkerRegistration registration;
[SameObject] readonly attribute ServiceWorker serviceWorker;
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> skipWaiting();
attribute EventHandler oninstall;
attribute EventHandler onactivate;
attribute EventHandler onfetch;
attribute EventHandler onmessage;
attribute EventHandler onmessageerror;
interface Client {
readonly attribute USVString url;
readonly attribute FrameType frameType;
readonly attribute DOMString id;
readonly attribute ClientType type;
undefined postMessage(any message, sequence<object> transfer);
undefined postMessage(any message, optional StructuredSerializeOptions options = {});
interface WindowClient : Client {
readonly attribute DocumentVisibilityState visibilityState;
readonly attribute boolean focused;
[SameObject] readonly attribute FrozenArray<USVString> ancestorOrigins;
[NewObject] Promise<WindowClient> focus();
[NewObject] Promise<WindowClient?> navigate(USVString url);
enum FrameType {
interface Clients {
// The objects returned will be new instances every time
[NewObject] Promise<(Client or undefined)> get(DOMString id);
[NewObject] Promise<FrozenArray<Client>> matchAll(optional ClientQueryOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<WindowClient?> openWindow(USVString url);
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> claim();
dictionary ClientQueryOptions {
boolean includeUncontrolled = false;
ClientType type = "window";
enum ClientType {
interface ExtendableEvent : Event {
constructor(DOMString type, optional ExtendableEventInit eventInitDict = {});
undefined waitUntil(Promise<any> f);
dictionary ExtendableEventInit : EventInit {
// Defined for the forward compatibility across the derived events
interface InstallEvent : ExtendableEvent {
Promise<undefined> addRoutes((RouterRule or sequence<RouterRule>) rules);
dictionary RouterRule {
required RouterCondition condition;
required RouterSource source;
dictionary RouterCondition {
URLPatternCompatible urlPattern;
ByteString requestMethod;
RequestMode requestMode;
RequestDestination requestDestination;
RunningStatus runningStatus;
sequence<RouterCondition> _or;
RouterCondition not;
typedef (RouterSourceDict or RouterSourceEnum) RouterSource;
dictionary RouterSourceDict {
DOMString cacheName;
enum RunningStatus { "running", "not-running" };
enum RouterSourceEnum {
interface FetchEvent : ExtendableEvent {
constructor(DOMString type, FetchEventInit eventInitDict);
[SameObject] readonly attribute Request request;
readonly attribute Promise<any> preloadResponse;
readonly attribute DOMString clientId;
readonly attribute DOMString resultingClientId;
readonly attribute DOMString replacesClientId;
readonly attribute Promise<undefined> handled;
undefined respondWith(Promise<Response> r);
dictionary FetchEventInit : ExtendableEventInit {
required Request request;
Promise<any> preloadResponse;
DOMString clientId = "";
DOMString resultingClientId = "";
DOMString replacesClientId = "";
Promise<undefined> handled;
interface ExtendableMessageEvent : ExtendableEvent {
constructor(DOMString type, optional ExtendableMessageEventInit eventInitDict = {});
readonly attribute any data;
readonly attribute USVString origin;
readonly attribute DOMString lastEventId;
[SameObject] readonly attribute (Client or ServiceWorker or MessagePort)? source;
readonly attribute FrozenArray<MessagePort> ports;
dictionary ExtendableMessageEventInit : ExtendableEventInit {
any data = null;
USVString origin = "";
DOMString lastEventId = "";
(Client or ServiceWorker or MessagePort)? source = null;
sequence<MessagePort> ports = [];
partial interface mixin WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope {
[SecureContext, SameObject] readonly attribute CacheStorage caches;
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface Cache {
[NewObject] Promise<(Response or undefined)> match(RequestInfo request, optional CacheQueryOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<FrozenArray<Response>> matchAll(optional RequestInfo request, optional CacheQueryOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> add(RequestInfo request);
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> addAll(sequence<RequestInfo> requests);
[NewObject] Promise<undefined> put(RequestInfo request, Response response);
[NewObject] Promise<boolean> delete(RequestInfo request, optional CacheQueryOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<FrozenArray<Request>> keys(optional RequestInfo request, optional CacheQueryOptions options = {});
dictionary CacheQueryOptions {
boolean ignoreSearch = false;
boolean ignoreMethod = false;
boolean ignoreVary = false;
[SecureContext, Exposed=(Window,Worker)]
interface CacheStorage {
[NewObject] Promise<(Response or undefined)> match(RequestInfo request, optional MultiCacheQueryOptions options = {});
[NewObject] Promise<boolean> has(DOMString cacheName);
[NewObject] Promise<Cache> open(DOMString cacheName);
[NewObject] Promise<boolean> delete(DOMString cacheName);
[NewObject] Promise<sequence<DOMString>> keys();
dictionary MultiCacheQueryOptions : CacheQueryOptions {
DOMString cacheName;