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// Content was automatically extracted by Reffy into webref
// Source: Fetch Standard (
typedef (sequence<sequence<ByteString>> or record<ByteString, ByteString>) HeadersInit;
interface Headers {
constructor(optional HeadersInit init);
undefined append(ByteString name, ByteString value);
undefined delete(ByteString name);
ByteString? get(ByteString name);
sequence<ByteString> getSetCookie();
boolean has(ByteString name);
undefined set(ByteString name, ByteString value);
iterable<ByteString, ByteString>;
typedef (Blob or BufferSource or FormData or URLSearchParams or USVString) XMLHttpRequestBodyInit;
typedef (ReadableStream or XMLHttpRequestBodyInit) BodyInit;
interface mixin Body {
readonly attribute ReadableStream? body;
readonly attribute boolean bodyUsed;
[NewObject] Promise<ArrayBuffer> arrayBuffer();
[NewObject] Promise<Blob> blob();
[NewObject] Promise<FormData> formData();
[NewObject] Promise<any> json();
[NewObject] Promise<USVString> text();
typedef (Request or USVString) RequestInfo;
interface Request {
constructor(RequestInfo input, optional RequestInit init = {});
readonly attribute ByteString method;
readonly attribute USVString url;
[SameObject] readonly attribute Headers headers;
readonly attribute RequestDestination destination;
readonly attribute USVString referrer;
readonly attribute ReferrerPolicy referrerPolicy;
readonly attribute RequestMode mode;
readonly attribute RequestCredentials credentials;
readonly attribute RequestCache cache;
readonly attribute RequestRedirect redirect;
readonly attribute DOMString integrity;
readonly attribute boolean keepalive;
readonly attribute boolean isReloadNavigation;
readonly attribute boolean isHistoryNavigation;
readonly attribute AbortSignal signal;
readonly attribute RequestDuplex duplex;
[NewObject] Request clone();
Request includes Body;
dictionary RequestInit {
ByteString method;
HeadersInit headers;
BodyInit? body;
USVString referrer;
ReferrerPolicy referrerPolicy;
RequestMode mode;
RequestCredentials credentials;
RequestCache cache;
RequestRedirect redirect;
DOMString integrity;
boolean keepalive;
AbortSignal? signal;
RequestDuplex duplex;
RequestPriority priority;
any window; // can only be set to null
enum RequestDestination { "", "audio", "audioworklet", "document", "embed", "font", "frame", "iframe", "image", "json", "manifest", "object", "paintworklet", "report", "script", "sharedworker", "style", "track", "video", "worker", "xslt" };
enum RequestMode { "navigate", "same-origin", "no-cors", "cors" };
enum RequestCredentials { "omit", "same-origin", "include" };
enum RequestCache { "default", "no-store", "reload", "no-cache", "force-cache", "only-if-cached" };
enum RequestRedirect { "follow", "error", "manual" };
enum RequestDuplex { "half" };
enum RequestPriority { "high", "low", "auto" };
[Exposed=(Window,Worker)]interface Response {
constructor(optional BodyInit? body = null, optional ResponseInit init = {});
[NewObject] static Response error();
[NewObject] static Response redirect(USVString url, optional unsigned short status = 302);
[NewObject] static Response json(any data, optional ResponseInit init = {});
readonly attribute ResponseType type;
readonly attribute USVString url;
readonly attribute boolean redirected;
readonly attribute unsigned short status;
readonly attribute boolean ok;
readonly attribute ByteString statusText;
[SameObject] readonly attribute Headers headers;
[NewObject] Response clone();
Response includes Body;
dictionary ResponseInit {
unsigned short status = 200;
ByteString statusText = "";
HeadersInit headers;
enum ResponseType { "basic", "cors", "default", "error", "opaque", "opaqueredirect" };
partial interface mixin WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope {
[NewObject] Promise<Response> fetch(RequestInfo input, optional RequestInit init = {});