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// Content was automatically extracted by Reffy into webref
// Source: Fenced Frame (
interface HTMLFencedFrameElement : HTMLElement {
[HTMLConstructor] constructor();
[CEReactions] attribute FencedFrameConfig? config;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString width;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString height;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString allow;
enum OpaqueProperty {"opaque"};
typedef (unsigned long or OpaqueProperty) FencedFrameConfigSize;
typedef USVString FencedFrameConfigURL;
[Exposed=Window, Serializable]
interface FencedFrameConfig {
readonly attribute FencedFrameConfigSize? containerWidth;
readonly attribute FencedFrameConfigSize? containerHeight;
readonly attribute FencedFrameConfigSize? contentWidth;
readonly attribute FencedFrameConfigSize? contentHeight;
undefined setSharedStorageContext(DOMString contextString);
typedef (USVString or FencedFrameConfig) UrnOrConfig;
partial interface Navigator {
Promise<undefined> deprecatedReplaceInURN(
UrnOrConfig urnOrConfig, record<USVString, USVString> replacements);
enum FenceReportingDestination {
dictionary FenceEvent {
// This dictionary has two mutually exclusive modes that aren’t represented as
// distinct IDL types due to distinguishability issues:
// When reporting to a preregistered destination (specified by enum), the following
// properties are used:
DOMString eventType;
DOMString eventData;
sequence<FenceReportingDestination> destination;
// When setting event data to be used later in an automatic beacon, the
// following properties are used:
boolean once = false;
boolean crossOriginExposed = false;
// When reporting to a custom destination URL (with substitution of macros defined by
// the Protected Audience buyer), the following property is used:
USVString destinationURL;
typedef (FenceEvent or DOMString) ReportEventType;
interface Fence {
undefined reportEvent(optional ReportEventType event = {});
undefined setReportEventDataForAutomaticBeacons(optional FenceEvent event = {});
sequence<FencedFrameConfig> getNestedConfigs();
partial interface Window {
// Collection of fenced frame APIs
readonly attribute Fence? fence;