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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>InputEvent.getTargetRanges() behavior</title>
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testdriver.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testdriver-actions.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testdriver-vendor.js"></script>
<p>To manually run this test, please follow the steps below:<br/>
1. Place caret at the end of 'hel<i>lo wo</i><b>rld</b>'.<br/>
2. Press Ctrl-Backspace (Alt-Backspace on macOS) to delete word backwards.<br/>
3. Place caret at the end of 'test2' => Press 'a' key.<br/>
4. Select 'test2a' => Press 'b' key.<br/>
5. Select 'b' => Bold text through context menu or Command-b on macOS.<br/>
6. Place caret at the end of 'test3' => Press 'a' key => Press Backspace key.<br/>
If a "PASS" result appears the test passes, otherwise it fails</p>
<p id="test1_editable" contenteditable>hel<i>lo wo</i><b>rld</b></p>
<p id="test2_editable" contenteditable>test2</p>
<textarea id="test3_plain">test3</textarea>
function resolveWhen(condition) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
function tick() {
if (condition())
let modifier_key = "\uE009";
modifier_key = "\uE03D";
const commands = {
COPY: 'copy',
CUT: 'cut',
PASTE: 'paste',
SELECTALL: 'select all',
DELETEALL: 'delete all',
BOLD: 'bold',
const backspace = "\uE003";
function clickOnTarget(target) {
return new test_driver.Actions()
.pointerMove(0, 0, {origin: target})
function sendTextCommand(command) {
let command_key = "";
if(command == "copy")
command_key = "c";
else if (command == "cut")
command_key = "x";
else if (command == "paste")
command_key = "v";
else if (command == "select all")
command_key = "a";
else if (command == "delete all")
command_key = backspace;
else if (command == "bold")
command_key = "b";
return new test_driver.Actions()
function sendTextCommandAtTarget(target, command) {
return clickOnTarget(target).then(() => {
return sendTextCommand(command);
function addTextAtTarget(target, char) {
return test_driver.send_keys(target, char);
promise_test(async test => {
const test1_editable = document.getElementById('test1_editable');
let lastBeforeInput;
test1_editable.addEventListener('beforeinput', test.step_func(function() {
assert_equals(event.inputType, 'deleteWordBackward');
const ranges = event.getTargetRanges();
assert_equals(ranges.length, 1);
const range = ranges[0];
assert_true(range instanceof StaticRange);
assert_equals(range.startOffset, 3);
assert_equals(range.startContainer.textContent, 'lo wo');
assert_equals(range.endOffset, 3);
assert_equals(range.endContainer.textContent, 'rld');
assert_equals(test1_editable.innerHTML, 'hel<i>lo wo</i><b>rld</b>');
lastBeforeInput = event;
test1_editable.addEventListener('input', test.step_func(function() {
assert_equals(event.inputType, 'deleteWordBackward');
assert_equals(test1_editable.innerHTML, 'hel<i>lo&nbsp;</i>');
assert_equals(lastBeforeInput.inputType, 'deleteWordBackward');
assert_equals(lastBeforeInput.getTargetRanges().length, 0,
'getTargetRanges() should be empty after the event has finished dispatching.');
await sendTextCommandAtTarget(test1_editable, commands.DELETEALL);
await resolveWhen(() => { return test1_editable.innerHTML == 'hel<i>lo&nbsp;</i>' });
}, 'getTargetRanges() returns correct range and cleared after dispatch.');
promise_test(async test => {
const expectedEventLog = ['test2-5-test2-5', 'test2a-0-test2a-6', 'b-0-b-1'];
const actualEventLog = [];
const test2_editable = document.getElementById('test2_editable');
test2_editable.addEventListener('beforeinput', test.step_func(function() {
const ranges = event.getTargetRanges();
assert_equals(ranges.length, 1);
const range = ranges[0];
await addTextAtTarget(test2_editable, "a");
await sendTextCommandAtTarget(test2_editable, commands.SELECTALL);
await addTextAtTarget(test2_editable, "b");
await sendTextCommandAtTarget(test2_editable, commands.SELECTALL);
await sendTextCommand(commands.BOLD);
await resolveWhen(() => { return actualEventLog.length == expectedEventLog.length });
assert_array_equals(actualEventLog, expectedEventLog,
`Expected: ${expectedEventLog}; Actual: ${actualEventLog}.`);
}, 'Actions other than deletion should have current selection as target ranges.');
promise_test(async test => {
const test3_plain = document.getElementById('test3_plain');
let event_type;
test3_plain.addEventListener('beforeinput', test.step_func(function() {
assert_equals(event.getTargetRanges().length, 0,
'getTargetRanges() should return empty array on textarea.');
if (event.inputType === 'deleteContentBackward')
event_type = event.inputType;
await addTextAtTarget(test3_plain, "a");
await addTextAtTarget(test3_plain, backspace);
await resolveWhen(() => { return event_type == 'deleteContentBackward' });
}, 'Textarea should have empty target range.');