Name Description Size
ahem-notref.html Ahem checker 17380
ahem-ref.html Ahem checker 17482
ahem.html Ahem checker 17404
allowed-to-play.html <audio and <video> autoplay 710
blank.html Blank Document 66
canvas-background-ref.html canvas background reference 140
canvas-background.html Check canvas background is white 151
cookie.html cookies work in default browse settings 641
document-fonts-ready.html document.fonts.ready resolves after layout depending on loaded fonts 1379
html-elements.html HTML styles 3762
initial-color-ref.html Initial color is black reference 162
initial-color.html Initial color is black 178
medium-font-size-ref.html medium font-size reference 128
medium-font-size.html Check medium font-size is 16px 186
min-font-size-ref.html Tiny text reference 105
min-font-size.html Check 1px and 2px font-sizes are different 180
non-local-ports.sub.window.js 3301
non-secure-context.any.js 240 To update the generated tests, run `wpt update-built --include infrastructure`. 80