Name Description Size
dynamic-inert-on-focused-element.html Dynamic inertness on focused element 2426
inert-and-contenteditable.html Inert and contenteditable 1913
inert-and-find-flat-tree.html 849
inert-and-find.html Basic test for inert and find 1607
inert-canvas-fallback-content.html Focusability of inert inside canvas 2384
inert-computed-style.html inert isn't hit-testable, but that isn't expose in the computed style 1403
inert-does-not-match-disabled-selector.html 618
inert-iframe-hittest.html Hit-testing with inert iframe 3660
inert-iframe-tabbing.html Tabbing with inert iframe 5224
inert-in-shadow-dom.html inert on Shadow host affects content in shadow 1769
inert-inlines-around-selection-range-in-contenteditable.html Delete editable range around elements having inert attribute 7368
inert-inlines.html inert inlines 1933
inert-label-focus.html inert with label/for 1905
inert-node-is-uneditable.html inert nodes are uneditable 1413
inert-node-is-unfocusable.html inert nodes are unfocusable 3044
inert-node-is-unselectable.html inert nodes are unselectable 611
inert-on-non-html.html 'inert' is an HTML attribute and has no effect when used on other elements 3618
inert-on-slots.html inert inside ShadowRoot affects slotted content 1810
inert-pseudo-element-hittest.html Hit-testing on pseudo elements of inert nodes 2556
inert-svg-hittest.html Hit-testing with inert SVG 2562
inert-with-fullscreen-element.html Interaction of 'inert' attribute with fullscreen element 2078
inert-with-modal-dialog-001.html Interaction of 'inert' attribute with modal dialog 1711
inert-with-modal-dialog-002.html Interaction of 'inert' attribute with modal dialog, when the dialog is the root element 1827
inert-with-modal-dialog-003.html Interaction of 'inert' attribute with modal dialog 1694