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structured-clone-battery-of-tests-harness.js Runs a collection of tests that determine if an API implements structured clone correctly. The `runner` parameter has the following properties: - `setup()`: An optional function run once before testing starts - `teardown()`: An option function run once after all tests are done - `preTest()`: An optional, async function run before a test - `postTest()`: An optional, async function run after a test is done - `structuredClone(obj, transferList)`: Required function that somehow structurally clones an object. Must return a promise. - `hasDocument`: When true, disables tests that require a document. True by default. 1512
structured-clone-battery-of-tests-with-transferables.js 3075
structured-clone-battery-of-tests.js This file is mostly a remix of @zcorpan’s web worker test suite 28691
structured-clone.any.js 560