Name Description Size
adoption_agency_check_the_end_tag_name.html The adoption agency algorithm should check the end tag's name 762
ambiguous-ampersand.html Ambiguous ampersand 1438
common.js 764
Document.getElementsByTagName-foreign-01.html document.getElementsByTagName and foreign parser-inserted elements 3159
Document.getElementsByTagName-foreign-02.html getElementsByTagName and font 1014
DOMContentLoaded-defer.html The end: DOMContentLoaded and defer scripts 519
Element.getElementsByTagName-foreign-01.html getElementsByTagName and font 1055
Element.getElementsByTagName-foreign-02.html getElementsByTagName and font 1113
empty-doctype-ids.html Doctype with empty ids should trigger the standards mode. 380
foreign_content_001.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1508
foreign_content_003.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1648
foreign_content_004.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 2293
foreign_content_005.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1559
foreign_content_006.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1289
foreign_content_008.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1305
foreign_content_009.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1411
foreign_content_010.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 1447
foreign_content_011.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 710
foreign_content_013.html HTML 5 Foreign Content SVG in HTML 730
html-integration-point.html 1709
html_content_in_foreign_context.html Foreign contexts with HTML tag children 1490
html5lib_adoption01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_adoption01.html 11793
html5lib_adoption02.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_adoption02.html 1976
html5lib_blocks.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_blocks.html 25573
html5lib_comments01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_comments01.html 7084
html5lib_doctype01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_doctype01.html 15965
html5lib_domjs-unsafe.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_domjs-unsafe.html 20827
html5lib_entities01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_entities01.html 26391
html5lib_entities02.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_entities02.html 10604
html5lib_html5test-com.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_html5test-com.html 9846
html5lib_inbody01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_inbody01.html 2312
html5lib_innerHTML_adoption01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_adoption01.html 1109
html5lib_innerHTML_foreign-fragment.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_foreign-fragment.html 18856
html5lib_innerHTML_math.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_math.html 3395
html5lib_innerHTML_svg.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_svg.html 3392
html5lib_innerHTML_template.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_template.html 1180
html5lib_innerHTML_tests_innerHTML_1.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_tests_innerHTML_1.html 22522
html5lib_innerHTML_tests4.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_tests4.html 3355
html5lib_innerHTML_tests6.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_tests6.html 3956
html5lib_innerHTML_tests7.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_tests7.html 932
html5lib_innerHTML_webkit02.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_innerHTML_webkit02.html 4024
html5lib_isindex.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_isindex.html 2407
html5lib_main-element.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_main-element.html 2487
html5lib_menuitem-element.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_menuitem-element.html 8962
html5lib_namespace-sensitivity.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_namespace-sensitivity.html 1633
html5lib_pending-spec-changes-plain-text-unsafe.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_pending-spec-changes-plain-text-unsafe.html 1213
html5lib_pending-spec-changes.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_pending-spec-changes.html 2421
html5lib_plain-text-unsafe.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_plain-text-unsafe.html 13793
html5lib_quirks01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_quirks01.html 2975
html5lib_ruby.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_ruby.html 11341
html5lib_scriptdata01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_scriptdata01.html 13146
html5lib_scripted_adoption01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_scripted_adoption01.html 1551
html5lib_scripted_ark.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_scripted_ark.html 2288
html5lib_scripted_webkit01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_scripted_webkit01.html 2207
html5lib_search-element.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_search-element.html 2509
html5lib_tables01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tables01.html 10074
html5lib_template.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_template.html 57232
html5lib_tests1.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests1.html 59310
html5lib_tests2.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests2.html 26162
html5lib_tests3.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests3.html 11279
html5lib_tests5.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests5.html 7343
html5lib_tests6.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests6.html 15106
html5lib_tests7.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests7.html 16103
html5lib_tests8.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests8.html 5033
html5lib_tests9.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests9.html 18031
html5lib_tests10.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests10.html 32177
html5lib_tests11.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests11.html 34037
html5lib_tests12.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests12.html 4644
html5lib_tests14.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests14.html 3629
html5lib_tests15.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests15.html 7808
html5lib_tests16.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests16.html 82054
html5lib_tests17.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests17.html 6623
html5lib_tests18.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests18.html 18406
html5lib_tests19.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests19.html 47612
html5lib_tests20.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests20.html 29376
html5lib_tests21.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests21.html 9692
html5lib_tests22.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests22.html 9476
html5lib_tests23.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests23.html 8574
html5lib_tests24.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests24.html 3723
html5lib_tests25.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests25.html 10654
html5lib_tests26.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tests26.html 15070
html5lib_tricky01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_tricky01.html 10669
html5lib_webkit01.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_webkit01.html 25560
html5lib_webkit02.html HTML 5 Parser tests html5lib_webkit02.html 16008
inhead-noscript-head.html Test that when the scripting flag is disabled, a head start tag in "in head noscript" mode is ignored 827
math-parse01.html math in html: parsing 2175
math-parse03.html math in html: parsing 6657
meta-inhead-insertion-mode.html Encoding specified in the "charset" attribute should have precedence over "content" attribute. 641
named-character-references-data.js 152174
named-character-references.html Tests for known named character references 1132
no-doctype-name.html Doctype without root name should have empty-string name in the DOM even if null in the tokenizer spec. 930
quotes-in-meta.html 445
README Note: the html5lib_* files in this directory are autogenerated, as are 311
template.js Template code A template is just a javascript structure. An element is represented as: [tag_name, {attr_name:attr_value}, child1, child2] the children can either be strings (which act like text nodes), other templates or functions (see below) A text node is represented as ["{text}", value] String values have a simple substitution syntax; ${foo} represents a variable foo. It is possible to embed logic in templates by using a function in a place where a node would usually go. The function must either return part of a template or null. In cases where a set of nodes are required as output rather than a single node with children it is possible to just use a list [node1, node2, node3] Usage: render(template, substitutions) - take a template and an object mapping variable names to parameters and return either a DOM node or a list of DOM nodes substitute(template, substitutions) - take a template and variable mapping object, make the variable substitutions and return the substituted template 6214
test.js 12709
the-end.html The end 2172
unclosed-svg-script.html 1339
zero.html 3634