Name Description Size
DataTransfer-types-manual.html DataTransferItem Test: types - files 914
dndTransferCases-manual.html HTML Test: dropzone_attribute_data_item_kind_string 2263
effectAllowed-manual.html HTML5 Drag and Drop: Set a value to effectAllowed attribute 3067
files-manual.html HTML5 Drag and Drop: files attribute returns a FileList 2875
protectedDragDataTransfer-manual.html HTML Test: drag DataTransfer protected status 4890
protectedPasteDataTransfer-manual.html HTML Test: paste DataTransfer protected status 3423
setData-manual.html HTML5 Drag and Drop: Add an item to the drag data store item list whose data is the string given by setData method's second argument 3492
types-manual.html HTML5 Drag and Drop: types attribute returns a DOMStringList 2607