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This is a test suite for the drag and drop API described in the HTML5
Tests in target-origin/ relate to a proposed spec extension and are not covered
by HTML5 drafts at the time of writing. Contact Opera Sofware for details, and
mention CT-1656.
Tests in synthetic/ relate to incomplete parts of the HTML5 specification,
which allows synthetic events to be created. For compatibility with others,
the dataTransfer parameter allows null, undefined and other objects. Objects
will create a synthetic dataTransfer. To provide maximum functionality,
synthetic dataTransfer will have its own synthetic data store, detatched from
the real data store used by real drag events (actual user interaction). For
security, real dataTransfer objects will remember the real event's protection
status inside synthetic events (the spec bases their protection only on the
event type, and does not consider the difference between real and synthetic
Tests in platform/plugin are based on assumed "good" behaviour, where the
appropriate events are passed to the plugin. Platforms should determine if any
deviations from the expected results are problematic.