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This directory contains tests for [HTML](
Sub-directory names should be based on the URL of the corresponding part of the
multipage-version specification. For example, the URL of
"8.3 Base64 utility methods" is []( So the directory in WPT is [webappapis/atob/](/html/webappapis/atob).
For historical reasons, parts of HTML have their own directories:
* [/custom-elements](/custom-elements)
* [/eventsource](/eventsource)
* [/imagebitmap-renderingcontext](/imagebitmap-renderingcontext)
* [/innerText](/innerText)
* [/shadow-dom](/shadow-dom)
* [/webmessaging](/webmessaging)
* [/websockets](/websockets)
* [/webstorage](/webstorage)
* [/workers](/workers)
* [/worklets](/worklets)
* [/x-frame-options](/x-frame-options)