Name Description Size
events-manual.html Manual Gamepad events tests 1102
feature-policy-gamepad.html 212
gamepad-default-feature-policy.https.sub.html 1275
gamepad-secure-context.html Gamepad Test: non-secure contexts 1151
gamepad-supported-by-feature-policy.html Test that gamepad is advertised in the feature list 525
getgamepads-polling-manual.html Manual Gamepad getGamepads polling tests 759
idlharness-extensions.https.window.js 226
idlharness-manual.html Manual Gamepad IDL tests 1184
idlharness.https.window.js 345
META.yml 103
not-fully-active.https.html Gamepad tests for non-fully-active document 802
timestamp-manual.html Manual Gamepad timestamp tests 1933