Name Description Size
backdrop-green-ref.html 56
backdrop-iframe.html ::backdrop for a fullscreen iframe element 640
backdrop-inherit.html ::backdrop inherits style from the fullscreen element 687
backdrop-object-ref.html 180
backdrop-object.html ::backdrop for a fullscreen object element 873
fullscreen-css-invalidation.html Invalidate :fullscreen based style 987
fullscreen-css-transition.html Transitions should not be stopped by going fullscreen 905
fullscreen-pseudo-class-support.html :fullscreen pseudo-class support 981
fullscreen-pseudo-class.html :fullscreen pseudo-class 1470
fullscreen-root-block-scroll.html fullscreen root block scrolling 1008
fullscreen-root-block-size.html fullscreen root block sizing 1032
fullscreen-root-fills-page-ref.html 277
fullscreen-root-fills-page.html 1158
ua-style-iframe.html User-agent levels style sheet defaults for iframe 2275