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These fonts were created to support the testing of the font features
in CSS, and are required to run some of the tests for those features.
The fonts are modified versions of Gentium Basic, licensed by SIL under
the Open Font License which allows modifications as long as the terms
of the license are met.
The original fonts were used to create the family 'CSSTest Basic'. This
family has four faces and can be used for testing bold / italics.
A subsetted version of this font with only glyphs for basic ASCII
characters is 'CSSTest ASCII'. This was used to make the other
variations. Most of the modications are to the name table and character
maps, for the most part glyphs were not modified.
The fonts are available for download both individually and as a
ZIP package below.
The files test.html and test.xhtml test that the fonts have been
correctly installed.