Name Description Size
META.yml 135 These are the Server-sent events (`EventSource`) tests for the 247
dedicated-worker 16
event-data.html EventSource: lines and data parsing 1906
eventsource-close.htm EventSource: close() 2513
eventsource-constructor-document-domain.htm EventSource: document.domain 852
eventsource-constructor-non-same-origin.htm EventSource: constructor (act as if there is a network error) 1054
eventsource-constructor-stringify.htm EventSource: stringify argument 1183
eventsource-constructor-url-bogus.any.js 202
eventsource-constructor-url-multi-window.htm EventSource: resolving URLs 1034
eventsource-cross-origin.htm EventSource: cross-origin 2317
eventsource-eventtarget.htm EventSource: addEventListener() 644
eventsource-onmessage-realm.htm EventSource: message event Realm 752
eventsource-onmessage-trusted.htm EventSource message events are trusted 596
eventsource-onmessage.htm EventSource: onmessage 595
eventsource-onopen.htm EventSource: onopen (announcing the connection) 759
eventsource-prototype.htm EventSource: prototype et al 563
eventsource-reconnect.htm EventSource: reconnection 1681
eventsource-request-cancellation.htm EventSource: request cancellation 1094
eventsource-url.htm EventSource: url 473
format-bom-2.htm EventSource: Double BOM 956
format-bom.htm EventSource: BOM 949
format-comments.htm EventSource: comment fest 883
format-data-before-final-empty-line.htm EventSource: a data before final empty line 855
format-field-data.htm EventSource: data field parsing 961
format-field-event-empty.htm EventSource: empty "event" field 643
format-field-event.htm EventSource: custom event name 795
format-field-id-2.htm EventSource: Last-Event-ID (2) 1112
format-field-id-3.window.js 1726
format-field-id-null.window.js 722
format-field-id.htm EventSource: Last-Event-ID 938
format-field-parsing.htm EventSource: field parsing 793
format-field-retry-bogus.htm EventSource: "retry" field (bogus) 965
format-field-retry-empty.htm EventSource: empty retry field 631
format-field-retry.htm EventSource: "retry" field 1028
format-field-unknown.htm EventSource: unknown fields and parsing fun 728
format-leading-space.htm EventSource: leading space 703
format-mime-bogus.htm EventSource: bogus MIME type 1065
format-mime-trailing-semicolon.htm EventSource: MIME type with trailing ; 823
format-mime-valid-bogus.htm EventSource: incorrect valid MIME type 1051
format-newlines.htm EventSource: newline fest 672
format-null-character.html EventSource: null character in response 793
format-utf-8.htm EventSource: always UTF-8 765
request-accept.htm EventSource: Accept header 634
request-cache-control.htm EventSource: Cache-Control 1089
request-credentials.htm EventSource: credentials 1652
request-redirect.htm EventSource: redirect 1006
request-status-error.htm EventSource: incorrect HTTP status code 1052
resources 13
shared-worker 15