Name Description Size
auxclick.html Event Timing auxclick. 534
buffered-and-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with buffered flag and durationThreshold 2044
buffered-flag.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver sees entries with buffered flag 1871
click-timing.html Event Timing: compare timing of two long clicks 2523
click.html Event Timing click. 528
contextmenu.html Event Timing contextmenu. 638
crossiframe.html Event Timing: entries should be observable by its own frame. 3553
dblclick.html Event Timing dblclick. 561
disconnect-target.html 1298
duration-with-target-low.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold way smaller than processingDelay 728
event-click-counts.html Event Timing: eventCounts. 1597
event-click-visibilitychange.html Event Timing: visibility change. 3773
event-counts-zero.html Event Timing: eventCounts. 1500
event-retarget.html 1437
first-input-interactionid-click.html First Input: interactionId-click. 2001
first-input-interactionid-key.html First Input: interactionId-key. 2388
first-input-interactionid-tap.html First Input: interactionId-tap. 2350
first-input-shadow-dom.html 1605
idlharness.any.js 493
interaction-count-click.html Event Timing: interactionCount-click 509
interaction-count-press-key.html Event Timing: interactionCount-press-key 573
interaction-count-tap.html Event Timing: interactionCount-tap 556
interactionid-aux-pointerdown-and-pointerdown.html Event Timing: interactionId-aux-pointerdown-and-pointerdown 2437
interactionid-aux-pointerdown.html Event Timing: interactionId-aux-pointerdown 2354
interactionid-auxclick.html Event Timing: interactionId-auxclick. 1516
interactionid-click.html Event Timing: interactionId-click. 1838
interactionid-composition-manual.html Event Timing: interactionId composition events. 6907
interactionid-keypress.html Event Timing: interactionId-keypress. 1571
interactionid-orphan-pointerup.html Event Timing: interactionId-orphan-pointerup. 1329
interactionid-press-key-as-input.html Event Timing: interactionId-press-key-as-input. 1482
interactionid-press-key-no-effect.html Event Timing: interactionId-press-key-no-effect. 1848
interactionid-tap.html Event Timing: interactionId-tap. 1440
keydown.html Event Timing Keydown. 540
keyup.html Event Timing Keyup. 536
large-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold of 125 622
medium-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold of 50 619
META.yml 73
min-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold less than 16 632
modal-dialog-interrupt-paint.html Event Timing: Modal Dialog Interrupt Paint 1687
mousedown.html Event Timing mousedown. 573
mouseenter.html Event Timing mouseenter. 631
mouseleave.html Event Timing mouseleave. 639
mouseout.html Event Timing mouseout. 582
mouseover.html Event Timing mouseover. 584
mouseup.html Event Timing mouseup. 530
only-observe-firstInput.html Event Timing: only observe the first input 1901
pointerdown.html Event Timing pointerdown. 575
pointerenter.html Event Timing pointerenter. 671
pointerleave.html Event Timing pointerleave. 645
pointerout.html Event Timing pointerout. 586
pointerover.html Event Timing pointerover. 588
pointerup.html Event Timing pointerup. 534
programmatic-click-not-observed.html 2100
retrievability.html Event Timing: make sure 'event' entries are not retrievable by performance.getEntries* APIs. 1765
retrieve-firstInput.html Event Timing: first-input entry should be buffered even without observer 1414
shadow-dom-null-target.html 2194
supported-types-consistent-with-self.html Event Timing: supportedEntryTypes should be consistent with `'PerformanceEventTiming' in Self` 826
supported-types.window.js 736
timingconditions.html Event Timing only times certain types of trusted event. 2873
toJSON.html Event Timing: toJSON 1485