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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=utf-8>
<title> Only one activation behavior is executed during dispatch</title>
<link rel="author" title="Vincent Hilla" href="">
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<div id=log></div>
<div id=test_container></div>
Three classes:
Element to be clicked to cause activation behavior
Element that registers the activation behavior
Element in which other elements with activation behavior are placed.
We test that those won't be activated too.
<!--input, change event bubble, so have to check if checked is true-->
<input class="click activates container" type="checkbox" oninput="this.checked ? activated(this) : null">
<input class="click activates container" type="radio" oninput="this.checked ? activated(this) : null">
<form onsubmit="activated(this); return false" class="activates">
<input class="click container" type="submit">
<form onsubmit="activated(this); return false" class="activates">
<input class="click container" type="image">
<form onreset="activated(this)" class="activates">
<input class="click container" type="reset">
<form onsubmit="activated(this); return false" class="activates">
<button class="click container" type="submit"></button>
<form onreset="activated(this)" class="activates">
<button class="click container" type="reset"></button>
<a href="#link" class="click container activates"></a>
<area href="#link" class="click container activates">
<details ontoggle="activated(this)" class="activates">
<summary class="click container"></summary>
<input type=checkbox onclick="this.checked ? activated(this) : null" class="activates">
<span class="click container">label</span>
<!--activation behavior of label for event targeted at interactive content descendant is to do nothing-->
<label class="container">
<button class="click" type="button"></button>
let activations = [];
function activated(e) {
function getActivations(testidx) {
return activations.filter(a =>
(a.endsWith && a.endsWith("test"+testidx+"_link"))
|| (a.classList && a.classList.contains("test"+testidx))
// for a and area elements
window.onhashchange = function(e) {
if (e.newURL.endsWith("link")) {
window.location.hash = "";
function getElementsByClassNameInclusive(e, clsname) {
let ls = Array.from(e.getElementsByClassName(clsname));
if (e.classList.contains(clsname)) ls.push(e);
return ls;
function getClickTarget(e) {
return getElementsByClassNameInclusive(e, "click")[0];
function getContainer(e) {
return getElementsByClassNameInclusive(e, "container")[0];
function getExpectedActivations(e) {
let ls = getElementsByClassNameInclusive(e, "activates");
// special case, for a and area the window registers the activation
// have to use string, as testrunner cannot stringify the window object
ls = => e.tagName === "A" || e.tagName === "AREA" ? e.href : e);
return ls;
function toString(e) {
const children = Array.from(e.children);
const childstr = ("");
const tag = e.tagName;
const typestr = e.type ? " type="+e.type : "";
return `<${tag}${typestr}>${childstr}</${tag}>`;
// generate O(n^2) test combinations
const template = document.querySelector("template");
const elements = Array.from(template.content.children);
const tests = []
for (const target of elements) {
for (const parent of elements) {
if (target === parent) continue;
tests.push([target.cloneNode(true), parent.cloneNode(true)])
const test_container = document.getElementById("test_container");
* Test that if two elements in an event target chain have activation behavior,
* only one of them will be activated.
* Each child of <template> represents one case of activation behavior.
* The behavior should be triggered by clicking the element of class click
* and will manifest as a call to activated().
* For each [target, parent] in tests, we make target a descendant of parent
* and test that only target gets activated when dispatching a click.
for (let i = 0; i < tests.length; i++) {
let [target, parent] = tests[i];
async_test(function(t) {
let test = document.createElement("div");
// for later filtering out the activations belonging to this test
for (let e of test.getElementsByClassName("activates")) {
for (let e of test.querySelectorAll("a, area")) {
e.href = "#test"+i+"_link";
// Need to spin event loop twice, as some clicks might dispatch another task
t.step_timeout(() => {
t.step_timeout(t.step_func_done(() => {
assert_array_equals(getActivations(i), getExpectedActivations(target));
}), 0);
}, 0);
t.add_cleanup(function() {
}, `When clicking child ${toString(target)} of parent ${toString(parent)}, only child should be activated.`);