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# This will echo the 'Sec-Required-Document-Policy' request header in the body
# of the response, as well as in the 'Document-Policy' response header (to
# ensure the response is loaded by a user agent which is implementing document
# policy.)
import json
from wptserve.utils import isomorphic_decode
def main(request, response):
msg = {}
headers = [(b'Content-Type', b'text/html')]
srdp = request.headers.get(b'Sec-Required-Document-Policy')
if srdp:
msg[u'requiredPolicy'] = isomorphic_decode(srdp)
headers.append((b'Document-Policy', srdp))
frameId = request.GET.first(b'id',None)
if frameId:
msg[u'id'] = isomorphic_decode(frameId)
content = u"""<!DOCTYPE html>
top.postMessage(%s, "*");
""" % (json.dumps(msg), isomorphic_decode(srdp) if srdp != None else srdp)
return (200, u'OK'), headers, content