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<!DOCTYPE html>
// This document will contain an iframe which will either host,
// or will host another copy of this document, with the nesting level reduced
// by one. This way, an arbitrary nesting depth can be achieved, with the
// final inner-most frame reporting back the advertised required policy.
// The 'id' URL parameter will be passed to the nested document.
// The 'level' URL paramater will be reduced by 1 and passed to the nested
// document if it was at least 1. (If it was 0, then will be
// nested instead, and the level parameter will not be passed.)
// This document is served with a Document Policy header that should satisfy
// any requests that include a required policy for the
// 'lossless-images-max-bpp' feature.
const params = new URLSearchParams(;
const id = params.get('id');
const level = params.get('level');
const iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
var hostname;
if (level >= 1) {
hostname = document.location.pathname + "?" + params.toString();
} else {
hostname = "/document-policy/" + params.toString();
iframe.src = hostname;