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import json
from wptserve.utils import isomorphic_decode
def main(request, response):
origin = request.GET.first(b"origin", request.headers.get(b'origin') or b'none')
if b"check" in request.GET:
token = request.GET.first(b"token")
value = request.server.stash.take(token)
if value is not None:
if request.GET.first(b"check", None) == b"keep":
request.server.stash.put(token, value)
body = u"1"
body = u"0"
return [(b"Content-Type", b"text/plain")], body
if origin != b'none':
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Origin", origin)
if b'origin2' in request.GET:
response.headers.append(b"Access-Control-Allow-Origin", request.GET.first(b'origin2'))
if b'headers' in request.GET:
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Headers", request.GET.first(b'headers'))
if b'credentials' in request.GET:
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Credentials", request.GET.first(b'credentials'))
if b'methods' in request.GET:
response.headers.set(b"Access-Control-Allow-Methods", request.GET.first(b'methods'))
code_raw = request.GET.first(b'code', None)
if code_raw:
code = int(code_raw)
code = None
if request.method == u'OPTIONS':
#Override the response code if we're in a preflight and it's asked
if b'preflight' in request.GET:
code = int(request.GET.first(b'preflight'))
#Log that the preflight actually happened if we have an ident
if b'token' in request.GET:
request.server.stash.put(request.GET[b'token'], True)
if b'location' in request.GET:
if code is None:
code = 302
if code >= 300 and code < 400:
response.headers.set(b"Location", request.GET.first(b'location'))
headers = {}
for name, values in request.headers.items():
if len(values) == 1:
headers[isomorphic_decode(name)] = isomorphic_decode(values[0])
#I have no idea, really
headers[name] = values
headers[u'get_value'] = isomorphic_decode(request.GET.first(b'get_value', b''))
body = json.dumps(headers)
if code:
return (code, b"StatusText"), [], body
return body