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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang='en'>
<meta charset='utf-8'>
<h1>Source SVG: styling-pres-02-f-manual.svg</h1>
<svg id="svg-root" width="100%" height="100%"
viewBox="0 0 480 360" xmlns=""
<!--= Copyright 2008 World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts =-->
<!--= Institute of Technology, European Research Consortium for =-->
<!--= Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), Keio University). =-->
<!--= All Rights Reserved. =-->
<title id="test-title">$RCSfile: styling-pres-02-f.svg,v $</title>
<font-face-uri xlink:href="../resources/SVGFreeSans.svg#ascii"/>
<g id="test-body-content" font-family="SVGFreeSansASCII,sans-serif" font-size="18">
<text x='10' y='20'>Testing inapplicable presentation attributes</text>
<g visibility='hidden'>
<path id="path" d="M0,0"/>
<image id='image' xlink:href='../images/20x20.png' width='10' height='10' fill='rgb(0, 0, 255)'/>
<rect id='rect' width='10' height='10' font-size='123px'/>
<circle id='circle' r='10' font-style='italic'/>
<ellipse id='ellipse' rx='10' ry='5' font-variant='small-caps'/>
<polyline id='polyline' points='0,0 10,10' letter-spacing='20px'/>
<text id='text' stop-color='rgb(0, 255, 0)'>a<tspan id='tspan' stop-opacity='0.5'>b</tspan><tref id='tref' xlink:href='#tspan' flood-color='rgb(255, 0, 0)'/><textPath id='textPath' xlink:href='#path' flood-opacity='0.25'/><altGlyph id='altGlyph' glyphRef='blah' color-interpolation-filters='auto'>c</altGlyph></text>
<linearGradient id='linearGradient' display='block'><stop id='stop' offset='0' fill-rule='evenodd'/></linearGradient>
<radialGradient id='radialGradient' visibility='hidden'><stop offset='0'/></radialGradient>
<clipPath id='clipPath' lighting-color='rgb(255, 255, 255)'/>
<g font-size='14'>
<rect id='r1' x='10' y='25' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='40'>fill on image</text>
<rect id='r2' x='10' y='55' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='70'>stop-opacity on tspan</text>
<rect id='r3' x='10' y='85' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='100'>font-size on rect</text>
<rect id='r4' x='10' y='115' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='130'>font-style on circle</text>
<rect id='r5' x='10' y='145' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='160'>stop-color on text</text>
<rect id='r6' x='10' y='175' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='190'>font-variant on ellipse</text>
<rect id='r7' x='10' y='205' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='40' y='220'>letter-spacing on polyline</text>
<rect id='r11' x='250' y='25' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='40'>flood-color on tref</text>
<rect id='r12' x='250' y='55' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='70'>flood-opacity on textPath</text>
<rect id='r13' x='250' y='85' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='100'>clr-intp-filters on altGlyph</text>
<rect id='r14' x='250' y='115' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='130'>display on linearGradient</text>
<rect id='r15' x='250' y='145' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='160'>fill-rule on stop</text>
<rect id='r16' x='250' y='175' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='190'>visibility on radialGradient</text>
<rect id='r17' x='250' y='205' width='20' height='20'/>
<text x='280' y='220'>lighting-color on clipPath</text>
function $(x) { return document.getElementById(x) }
function decimalToHex(d) {
var hex = Number(d).toString(16);
while (hex.length < 2) {
hex = "0" + hex;
return hex;
function checkSVGColor(e, p, r, g, b) {
var v;
try {
var cssstyledecl = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null);
var v = cssstyledecl.getPropertyValue(p);
var longhex = "#" + decimalToHex(r) + decimalToHex(g) + decimalToHex(b);
return v == "rgb(" + r + ", " + g + ", " + b + ")" ||
v == "rgba(" + r + ", " + g + ", " + b + ", 1)" ||
v == longhex ||
v == longhex.toUpperCase();
} catch (ex) {
return false;
function checkFloat(e, p, f) {
var v;
try {
var cssstyledecl = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null);
v = cssstyledecl.getPropertyValue(p);
return parseFloat(v) == f;
} catch (ex) {
return false;
function checkPx(e, p, f) {
var v;
try {
var cssstyledecl = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null);
v = cssstyledecl.getPropertyValue(p);
return v == f;
} catch (ex) {
return false;
function checkIdent(e, p, i) {
var v;
i = i.toLowerCase();
try {
var cssstyledecl = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null);
v = cssstyledecl.getPropertyValue(p);
return v.toLowerCase() == i;
} catch (ex) {
return false;
function report(n, b) {
$('r' + n).setAttribute('fill', b ? 'green' : 'red');
report(1, checkSVGColor($('image'), 'fill', 0, 0, 255));
report(2, checkFloat($('tspan'), 'stop-opacity', 0.5));
report(3, checkPx($('rect'), 'font-size', '123px'));
report(4, checkIdent($('circle'), 'font-style', 'italic'));
report(5, checkSVGColor($('text'), 'stop-color', 0, 255, 0));
report(6, checkIdent($('ellipse'), 'font-variant', 'small-caps'));
report(7, checkPx($('polyline'), 'letter-spacing', '20px'));
report(11, checkSVGColor($('tref'), 'flood-color', 255, 0, 0));
report(12, checkFloat($('textPath'), 'flood-opacity', 0.25));
report(13, checkIdent($('altGlyph'), 'color-interpolation-filters', 'auto'));
report(14, checkIdent($('linearGradient'), 'display', 'block'));
report(15, checkIdent($('stop'), 'fill-rule', 'evenodd'));
report(16, checkIdent($('radialGradient'), 'visibility', 'hidden'));
report(17, checkSVGColor($('clipPath'), 'lighting-color', 255, 255, 255));
<g font-family="SVGFreeSansASCII,sans-serif" font-size="32">
<text id="revision" x="10" y="340" stroke="none"
fill="black">$Revision: 1.9 $</text>
<rect id="test-frame" x="1" y="1" width="478" height="358" fill="none" stroke="#000"/>
<!-- comment out this watermark once the test is approved -->
<g id="draft-watermark">
<rect x="1" y="1" width="478" height="20" fill="red" stroke="black" stroke-width="1"/>
<text font-family="SVGFreeSansASCII,sans-serif" font-weight="bold" font-size="20" x="240"
text-anchor="middle" y="18" stroke-width="0.5" stroke="black" fill="white">DRAFT</text>