Name Description Size
async-custom-formats-write-fail.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard web custom format write validation tests 5314
async-custom-formats-write-read-web-prefix.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard web custom format read/write test. 1648
async-custom-formats-write-read-without-web-prefix.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard web custom format write using Blob without web prefix test. 1689
async-custom-formats-write-read.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard custom write -> Async Clipboard custom read test 2129
async-html-script-removal.https.html Async Clipboard write ([text/html ClipboardItem]) -> readHtml (and remove scripts) tests 2616
async-navigator-clipboard-basics.https.html Async Clipboard input type validation tests 5951
async-navigator-clipboard-read-resource-load.https.html Async should not trigger resource loading 1615
async-navigator-clipboard-read-sanitize.https.html Async should sanitize text/html 1605
async-promise-write-blobs-read-blobs.https.html Async Clipboard write blobs -> read blobs with promise tests 1795
async-svg-script-removal.https.html Async Clipboard write ([image/svg+xml ClipboardItem]) -> readSvg (and remove scripts) tests 2578
async-unsanitized-html-formats-write-read.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard unsanitized HTML write -> Async Clipboard unsanitized HTML read test 3530
async-unsanitized-plaintext-formats-write-read.tentative.https.html Async Clipboard unsanitized write -> Async Clipboard unsanitized read test 2291
async-write-blobs-read-blobs.https.html Async Clipboard write blobs -> read blobs tests 1808
async-write-html-read-html.https.html Async Clipboard write ([text/html ClipboardItem]) -> readHtml tests 2530
async-write-image-read-image.https.html Async Clipboard write [image/png ClipboardItem] -> read [image/png ClipboardItem] tests 3268
async-write-svg-read-svg.https.html Async Clipboard write ([image/svg+xml ClipboardItem]) -> read and write svg tests 2380
clipboard-events-synthetic.html synthetic clipboard events should not be composed 1481
clipboard-file-manual.html Clipboard: DataTransfer File manual test 2700
clipboard-item.https.html ClipboardItem tests 3517
idlharness.https.window.js 373
META.yml 77