Name Description Size Helper handler for Beacon tests. It handles two forms of requests: STORE: A URL with a query string of the form 'cmd=store&id=<token>'. Stores the receipt of a sendBeacon() request along with its validation result, returning HTTP 200 OK. if "preflightExpected" exists in the query, this handler responds to CORS preflights. STAT: A URL with a query string of the form 'cmd=stat&id=<token>'. Retrieves the results of test for the given id and returns them as a JSON array and HTTP 200 OK status code. Due to the eventual read-once nature of the stash, results for a given test are only guaranteed to be returned once, though they may be returned multiple times. An entry may contain following members. - error: An error string. null if there is no error. - type: The content-type header of the request "(missing)" if there is no content-type header in the request. Example response bodies: - [{error: null, type: "text/plain;charset=UTF8"}] - [{error: "some validation details"}] - [] Common parameters: cmd - the command, 'store' or 'stat'. id - the unique identifier of the test. 4804 580 628